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message 1: by HeatherH (new)

HeatherH (bkwrm85) My daughter and I both recently purchased new Fire tablets. She got hers about a week before mine and when she set it up and logged into GR it attached her GR account to our amazon/kindle account. Is there a way for her to be logged into her GR account on her Fire but NOT attached it to amazon so that I can attach mine? I cannot even log into my own GR account on my Fire - it is automatically on hers and if I log out it logs her out on hers as well... I know kindle allows family members to share on multiple devices just not sure how to unlink GR on it.

message 2: by CBRetriever (new)

CBRetriever | 415 comments unfortunately no - it's one Goodreads account attached to one Amazon account. One of you could start their won Goodreads account but it wouldn't be linked to your common Amazon account. Or you could set her up with her own separate Amazon and Goodreads account.

message 3: by HeatherH (new)

HeatherH (bkwrm85) I don't want her goodreads attached to it. We just cannot figure out how to detach it and still have it logged into on the goodreads app on the Fire. Like she still wants to be able to use goodreads, just not have it attached to amazon/kindle.

message 4: by Miss M (new)

Miss M | 35 comments Have you tried unlinking the accounts? (I’ve never actually done this, I don’t use the app at all.)

To unlink your Amazon and Goodreads accounts, simply visit your app settings when visiting the Goodreads desktop site. Once there, scroll down to the Amazon section at the bottom of the page and select Unlink Amazon Account.

message 5: by HeatherH (new)

HeatherH (bkwrm85) We tried in the app but not desktop. I'll give it a go.

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