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Where the unknown people live

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Three of them came back, with Peter slung over 席德的 shoulder

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Bella walks in, looking around.

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The camps looks like:[image error]

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Bella smiles.
We must be somewhere in Canada or the U.S. She thought.

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They bring Peter into a tent and gesture for you to follow

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Bella follows.

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The three others stayed out. The translators smile turned menacing. He shut a medal gate that you didn't even know was there, and locked you in. The inside looked like a prison.

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Bella's eyes widen. Then she relaxes.
"This won't be as bad as the asylum." She reassures herself.

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They throw a rabbit that wasn't even skinned or cooked, but dead. "Eat up."

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Bella shrugs and bites into the rabbit like a wild animal. She liked the blood. But it wasn't human blood. Not enough to make her go crazy...completely.

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Peter woke up.

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He sees Bella with blood smeared all around her face and on her teeth.

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Peter throws himself against the wall

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Bella cocks her head at him. "What's wrong?"

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"Why do you have blood on your face!?!?" He yelled

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"Ate a rabbit. I wanted to eat those guys, but, you know, the metal bars are kind of a problem." Bella smiles.
It looks kind of sick with all the blood.

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He didn't relax. "I told you too run."

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Bella makes a puppy dog face. "I was going to eat them, OK? But they were faster..."

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"I don't want you eating anyone!" He said and wiped the blood of with his sleeve

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Bella claws Peter's hand away from her. "I like the blood!"

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He shook his head. "I can't kiss you when you have blood all over your face.,c

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Bella looked sad. "But..then...fine..." She grumbles and wipes the blood away.
(She's basically Scorpia when she sees non-human blood. She's basically Marvel, Cato, Clove, and Glimmer put together when it's human blood.)

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((Oh my....))

He smiled and kissed her

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Bella kisses him back. "This is pretty nice." She says after pulling away. "Better than the asylum, anyways."

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He smiled and sat on a cot. "Ya. There's only one bed...." he said. "Oh well. I guess you have to sleep on the floor " he said smiling

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Bella shrugs. "OK."
(I GTG now! Cya!)

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"I'm joking." He said

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Bella blinks. "Oh. Alright. Wait. You're"

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He shrugs. "I guess."

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(I just realized that he's an adult and she's 16!)
Bella blinks again. " Ok." She sits down next to him awkwardly.

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((He is only 20 I think....maybe....I don't

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(Yeah, he's 20, but at those ages... the age gap is bigger than it really is!)

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((I can go fix it.....?))

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Chloe wrote: "(I just realized that he's an adult and she's 16!)
Bella blinks again. " Ok." She sits down next to him awkwardly."

He smiled at her

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Bella smiles a bit shyly and wraps her arm around him.

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((Okay. He is 17))

Peter smiled and kissed her head

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Bella blushes. "You know, I'm fine now. I snapped out of my blood-daze when you told me to wipe it off. I'm not cannibalistic anymore."

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"I know." He said

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Bella breaths a sigh of relief. "And... I realize that I accidentally told you that I was in an asylum before."

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"You weren't?" He asked

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"No, no, I was, but... I didn't want to tell you..." Bella whispers.

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"Its alright." He said

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Bella sighs and leans against him. "It was only for a year, thank god, as soon as I was at the legal age to get there... but it was horrible there. Didn't help at all. So I just pretended I was better until they let me go."

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"You don't have to hid your faults from me. I love you for you. Not someone you pretend to be." He said

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Bella smiles at him. "Thank you."

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He leaned his head on her shoulder. "Thank You. "

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Bella kisses his head. "You're welcome."

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He smiled and layed down on the cot

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Bella lays down too. "So what do you think these deranged people want with us?"

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