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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) - No OP characters or characters who immediately know magic. None of the characters know anything about magic until they join Dragonborne.

- The character age range is from six to eighteen.

- Please keep a balance between female, male, and nonbinary characters. I will put a lock on female characters. Don't test me.

- Maximum of six characters. Message a mod if you want more.

- Give them flaws. Make them annoying, make them naive, make them rude, just don't make them perfect.

- I get it if your character has a tragic backstory. What I don't get is if all your characters have tragic backstories.

- The characters are normal people. With normal parents. Elizabeth is not a vampire child of the Goddess of the World, okay?

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) No, I meant six.

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