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The Past (VanWest, #1)
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Science Fiction Reviewers Needed - VanWest The Past

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Destiny Brown | 160 comments Science Fiction Reviewers Needed - VanWest The Past

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VanWest The Past
By Kenneth Thomas
Published: May 2020
ISBN: 979-8647102089
Pages: 200
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Time Travel

VanWest The Past is the first book in the VanWest series, about an Enforcer who lives in a dystopian Earth of the year 3000 and works for an authoritarian ruler called the Universal Council. Tasked with travelling through time to stop a renegade sect, that seeks to change Earth’s past, he comes to learn about his dark origins and his unique ability.

Falling in love with the daughter of its leader, Mad Newton, he returns to the present to face a difficult choice, whether or not to save her. And be part of the New Beginning.

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Christine | 11 comments Not big on time travel...due to the obvious issues of paradox but always willing to see how authors handle these things. If still need someone to read just toss me an email at

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