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A. James | 3 comments * Title: Buried Alive: A Story of Hate and Acceptance
* Author(s) name(s): A.James / Alex James
* ISBN (or ASIN) 978-0-473-52164-6
* Publisher: Alexander James Dean
* Publication date: May 18th 2020
* Format: Kindle (Softcover available soon)

* Description: This remarkable true story of adolescent sexual abuse, survival and triumph offers realistic hope to all victims of abuse – both for recovery, and for a fulfilling life no longer defined by an abusive past. The author’s courageous struggle to achieve insight and awareness, and eventually see justice done, points a way for others to overcome childhood trauma and victimisation.

* Page count: Kindle - 156 pages (Softcover is 218 pages)

* Link to book page:

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A. James | 3 comments Thanks Scott!

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Emily | 13023 comments I typed this before I saw that you deleted your comment:

You do not have an author profile yet. I have moved it to a blank profile that you can claim.
Scroll far down the page to where it says "is this you? let us know."

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A. James | 3 comments Thanks Emily! Sorry, I worked it out as I posted the comment (you guys are awesome at responding quickly).

I will get to this!

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