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Kelsey Graham (pumpkinkelsey15) | 1 comments I read this book last year (2019)
The cover of this book was cream-ish and it looked like it had paint splatters on it.

The book is about a guy and girl who want/used to date. The romance takes place during summer and they are both in high school. The girl loves art and it is mentioned frequently throughout the book. She wants to have her art showed in a particular art show. The rest of their friend group is off somewhere enjoying their summer break. One person particular in the group I remember went on a backpacking trip with their parents. Back to the couple, the two of them kinda date throughout the summer and the girl goes to the guys racing events (4 wheeler or dirtbike) and holds up her hand panted signs for him. Later in the book the girl gets her art into an artshow and invites him to go see it, long story short he doesn't end up making it. She calls him a bunch, he doesn't answer. The rest of the story is kind of a blur, but I believe that he didn't go to her art show because there was something wrong with the girls mom (pretty murky). The story ends on a happy note and they are both dating sitting at a food place eating with their other friends who just came back from their vacation. The friends are pretty surprised when they find out that the two of them are dating but they are happy.

Random Stuff
-There was a scene where the girl and guy make out and she grabs his chapstick out of his pocket.
-There's a scene where the girl is painting and the author describes all the paint that now covers the girl and her face.

May Help
While I was reading this book I was reading the book "The End of Our Story" by Meg Haston. There is a detail about the mom and I'm not sure if it occurred in "The End of Our Story" or this book, but here it is if it helps.
-The Mom has a (this is a quote) "a sick day in quotes" and later in the book the girl has one with her boyfriend. Again, this detail is murky as I was reading another book at the same time. Thanks for any help.

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Kris | 33236 comments Mod
Kelsey, I added "YA" to the topic header because this book is for teens. Feel free to update the header.

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Rainbowheart | 16051 comments When We Collided?

Looked it up on Google, and The End of Our Story is the book that has "a sick day in quotes."

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