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allegiant characters - who was your favourite?

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Haleema Q who was your favorite and least favorite character from the whole series?

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z My fav, Tris Prior... Least fav, Eric and Peter Hayes

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Haleema Q where does Tobias stand on your rating system?

Henela I love Uriah, and his brother Zeke.
I used to love Tobias, but then a read Allegiant. and I don't know, I just start not liking him so much.
I like Peter, I know he is not a great person, but he was so funny.
Who else? I don't know.
I do not like Christina, never did, no reason, I think, I just don't like her so much.
And Tris... There are moments where I loved her, and other that I hate her. But I think she is okay.
I just don't think that she deserved that end. Neither do Uriah :(

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