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yanitta☏ (yanitta) | 70 comments Mod
Talk about popular books, promote your own books or recommend books here!

This isn’t where you post buddy reads. You can find buddies in the ‘Buddy Reads’ section. Here, you recommend books and link your reviews or blog posts here!


☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) I second that!! I loved that book! I really want to read the sequel but I’m waiting for my library to get it

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) Ugh I want to read it so bad!!! Maybe I’ll ask for it for my b-day

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Raphaella | 37 comments I am adding this to my tbr asap! Feminist Sci-fi? Creepy Boarding School? I am all in!
I would also like to recommend The Last Wish by Andzrei Sapkowsky, the very first book featuring Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher. It's a really fast read although the time-line can be confusing. Just bear in mind, if anyone's interested that the chapters named "The Bounds of Reason" are actually prior in the time line to the short stories.
The books of the Witcher Saga have many differences from the popular TV show by Netflix, so if you didn't like the show, please don't be too quick to brush the books aside, they are really worth it!

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) Sadly not:(
I asked for it for my b day though so maybe I’ll get it? And if not I could use a gift card to get it! My library sadly hasn’t gotten an e book version yet

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) Ugh that sucks:(
But the wait for the re open will be worth it hopefully!

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