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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Medieval romance - heroine's mother shoots gay brother with arrow after discovering he is a traitor

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Sarah | 2 comments I read this book in the 90s as a teenager, probably between 1996 and 1998. It was a historical romance (medieval, I believe) and there is one scene that has really stuck with me, when the heroine and her mother discover that the heroine's brother is both gay and a traitor (to...the country, maybe? not sure) and the mother shoots both the brother and his lover with an arrow while they are having sex. I could be misremembering details, but that is the image that has stuck with me. I am not sure why I want to find this book since it's probably terribly homophobic and offensive, but I just wish I knew what it was! I think there was also a "bedding ceremony" where people crowded into the bedroom to watch the hero and heroine on their wedding night.

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Sarah | 2 comments Oh, and I feel like the cover was mostly white with light purple writing, although I could be misremembering.

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