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message 1: by David (new)

David Øybo (correlations_trilogy) | 19 comments Dear Tara,
Just wanted to check if you potentially would be interested in reading the following nordic-noir inspired story (the beginning chapter is around 15000 words - if you choose to continue the story at the moment is around 105000 words):

Julebord (The Holiday Party)

Should chief investigator James Wiley Redding of the Norwegian Police suspect that any of the doctors working in the small rural hospital of Godshus, located where a fjord meets the North Sea, might be linked to the gruesome discovery made on a December morning after their annual Julebord (holiday party)?

Much more whodunit than a diversified nordic noir novel, Julebord is laced with what life is like to work in a small rural hospital, where things and humans occasionally get dirty. Not merely a piece of – at times – a bit upmarket crime fiction, the story brings to the realization that in today’s small global village we are linked to each other in some way – weather we want to be or not and cannot hide from the events that affect us all.
Book II : A Story about Recent Events – Julebord (The Holiday Party), which takes place between August 26th, 1960 and December 23rd, 2019 is the first published volume of the Correlations Trilogy by David Øybo.

The story contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language, as well as descriptions of actions by characters some readers might find disturbing, upsetting, or offensive. It is intended for mature readers only. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

message 2: by John (new)

John Ruane (johnbernardruane) | 7 comments Tara wrote: "Hi All!
I have never been a beta reader working directly with authors, however I have read for an agent before in hopes of helping her work down her slush pile. I am willing to offer free services ..."

Hello Tara,
I have new novel that I am seeking some specific feedback on. It's titled, A Dangerous Freedom! an action thriller. I would like to email you a synopsis to see if you would be interested. I can be contacted at Thanks.

message 3: by G.L. (new)

G.L. Wilson | 29 comments Hi Tara

If you’re still looking for a read can I offer my book?

Here is my pitch.

What happens when a silent secret finds its voice? Will the bullet fired as a boy come back to ruin the man.

Scott Laker, tycoon and star of the TV hit ‘A Company’, is given a tape at his retirement party. He fears that once played the tape will reveal his boyhood sins (racism, theft, dishonesty, attempted murder). Is Scott Laker a villain or a victim? Can ‘The Carol Singer’ save his reputation?

Set mainly in 1974 ‘The Carol Singer’ is a psychological thriller. It is a work of literary fiction and a book club book. The finished MS is 120,000 words long.

The book looks at the boyhood of a TV star and asks the question ‘can we forgive a man the sins of a child’?

If you’re interested I’ll send the first couple of chapters.

Best wishes.


message 4: by G.L. (new)

G.L. Wilson | 29 comments Tara

My email is


message 5: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 57 comments Tara wrote: "Hi All!
I have never been a beta reader working directly with authors, however I have read for an agent before in hopes of helping her work down her slush pile. I am willing to offer free services ..."

Hi Tara,

Would be interested in reading a mystery novella? (25 K words)

Premise --- A woman takes refuge in her friend's house during a hurricane and winds up being accused of a murder.

message 6: by Scott (new)

Scott Drummond | 10 comments Hello Tara,

I'm looking for some beta readers to give me their general impressions of the plot, characters and overall readability of my first novel. This is the fourth draft and the time has come to get another set of eyes on it.

There are 25 chapters in total and I am planning on sending them out 5 chapters at a time. I will be sharing them through google documents with a short questionnaire for you to give me your thoughts.


Here are the details:
Title: House of the Kappa (working title)
Word count: 93,000 words
Genre: General Fiction
Themes: Divorce, friendship, drug use, crime, depression, revenge, personal journey
Content Warning: Drug use, suicide attempt, sex, murder
Keiko is sick of life with her overbearing husband. Having lived in his shadow for most of her adult years, she is determined to break free and put her true potential to the test.
As she tries to spice up her life with petty acts of revenge on anyone who crosses her, she finds herself caught up in a world of drugs, crime and salted cucumbers.
The friends and enemies she makes along the way change her life forever, bringing love, laughter and sadness all served up with a twist of things uniquely Japanese.
Follow Keiko on her journey of self-discovery and as she finally begins to see there’s more to life than ironing underpants and pretending to be nice.

Thanks for reading my post and please get in touch if you have any questions.


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