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Steve Johnson (stevejohnsonbooks) | 25 comments Please add the following book to my author profile:
Title: The Last Sermon
Subtitle: Dying Preacher Reveals A Great Truth
Author: Steve Johnson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: Kindle edition and paperback
Kindle edition: asin: B088SMXGBZ
Publication date: May 18, 2020
Page count: 185
Paperback isbn: 979-8646935473
Page count: 209
Publication date: May 21, 2020
Description: Walking along a dark country road in the wee hours, dressed in dark clothing, the preacher has faith the Lord will protect him - but out of nowhere, a truck tops the hill and hits him, knocking him ten feet into the air. 

On his death bed, Ezra Pounders has one big regret – he lacked the courage to preach one last sermon, the one he really wanted to preach, telling the world what it deserves to know. Now, the last words of the grieving, mentally ill man of God may die with him. 

His only hope is the coon hunter who ran over him, Kelby Merak, now guilt-ridden and holding a bedside vigil. Can Preacher Pounders convince Kelby, an outdoor salesman and part-time outdoor columnist, to become his messenger, like the scribes of old, and deliver his new revelation to the world? 

In and out of consciousness, Brother Ezra has precious little time remaining to recruit Kelby. What exactly is in The Last Sermon and why is it so important that Kelby pass it along? Scroll up and find out now with just one click.

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