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AusomeAutist (mummyofseven) | 213 comments

The book description should read:

You know you’re in for a doozy of a work day when your first appointment is dead when you get to the exam room.

Willow Morgan lives a quiet life in Superior Bay. Winter lasts for up to nine months there, and the biggest event of the year is the summer dog show. People come from all over to attend. It brings money and prestige to town.

But when Willow’s landlord is poisoned to death, she quickly finds herself in a tricky situation. People are canceling their appointments, afraid when they learn someone was murdered in her clinic. And one of her employees is acting super strange.

Then she’s asked to take over the dead man’s spot as a dog show judge, and she gets even more nervous. After all, she’s the town veterinarian, so is it even okay for her to be a judge? And, oh yeah, she’s a witch who can talk to animals, but only her elderly aunt is in the know on that point.

Before long, Willow is in way over her head. She has to learn the rules for judging the dog show, save her business from financial ruin, and juggle a couple of potential love interests.

But that’s not the worst of it. Willow is pretty sure she may be on the short list for the killer’s next victim. Now, she’s racing the clock to catch the murderer and finds herself having to choose between revealing her secret and possibly losing her life.


Thank you.

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Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments Done

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AusomeAutist (mummyofseven) | 213 comments Thank you.

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