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message 1: by Edward (new)

Edward Brown (ednch) | 10 comments Speculative Christian Historical Fiction at its core! Scheduled for release on June 30, 2020, "The Passion of Thecla: Faith and Fortitude" is the latest book from Edward N Brown, author of "The Passion of Eve". A free advanced copy e-book to the first 10 responders who pledge to provide a review on upon release.

This book is for those who are curious about:
The First Female Christian Missionary and Evangelist
The First Female Christian Martyr
The First Christian Feminist
The First Christian Hermitess and Ascetic

The story revolves around two characters: a great man who became a legend and a saint, and a great woman who has long lingered in obscurity. The great man is Saint Paul, the Apostle. The setting is his First Missionary Voyage to spread the Gospel to the Gentiles. The year is 47 AD. What happened there stunned the world forever!

This is the story of the faith journey of a young girl.
A story of passion, courage, and fortitude.
Her lifestyle choices would become legendary.
Her exploits would become renowned.
And she would become a saint in Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopal, and Coptic religious traditions.

But her name would fade from history.
So who was she? And what happened?

Here is the story - speculative, but based on historical records.

Contact the author on Goodreads or on Facebook at

message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bannister (mommybannister) | 126 comments Could I get one sent to my kindle please I would like to review it

message 3: by Edward (new)

Edward Brown (ednch) | 10 comments Nicole wrote: "Could I get one sent to my kindle please I would like to review it"

Hi - I'd be happy to send you a pre-release copy of "The Passion of Thecla: Faith and Fortitude"
To do that, I have to know your Send-to-Kindle email address. You can send me that address as a Goodreads message, or post it here I will send the .mobi file as an attachment to that address. It should then go directly into your Kindle library. I will then tell you the email address I will send it from. You will need to put this address in your 'Approved Personal Document Email List'. To do this, login to Amazon, go to 'Manage Your Kindle', and then ''Settings', and then 'Personal Document Settings'., Manually enter my email address to your list of approved addresses.

If you don't know your Send-to-Kindle email address, then do this:
Login to Amazon and go to “Manage Your Kindle” –
Click on the link for “Manage Your Devices” or 'Manage Your Content and Devices'
Find your Kindle device in the list, click on the icon, and the Send-to-Kindle e-mail address will be located there.
Copy/paste that e-mail address and send it to me as a post here or a Goodreads message.

Alternatively, I can send the .mobi file as an attachment to your personal email address. Then you would have to download it to your PC hard drive, connect a USB cable between your PC and your Kindle, and then upload it to the Kindle. So, you'll have to tell me your personal email address, and also make sure that my email message doesn't go straight to your spam or junk folder.

Of course, tech issues always seem to be lurking out there, so let me know if there are any problems.

I would sincerely appreciate the review time and effort. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bannister (mommybannister) | 126 comments

message 5: by Edward (new)

Edward Brown (ednch) | 10 comments Hi -- I've sent the .mobi file for my book "The Passion of Thecla: Faith and Fortitude" directly to your Kindle. I've also sent the cover image .jpg file as a separate email.

Go to your Goodreads messages (the envelope icon in the upper right). I've sent you a message that contains the email address from which I sent the email to your Kindle. Make sure that my email address is in your approved sender's list.

I recognize the time and effort involved in review, and appreciate feedback of any kind.

I hope that you enjoy the read. Keep in mind that the level of truth in the story has been debated among religious scholars for many years.

message 6: by David (new)

David W. Cofer | 4 comments I would prefer a paper copy if possible. I will provide a review on both Goodreads and Amazon.


message 7: by Edward (new)

Edward Brown (ednch) | 10 comments Hi David
Yes, I can certainly send you a paper copy of my upcoming book "The Passion of Thecla: Faith and Fortitude", but it will take a little time. I didn't get enough proof copies, and I'm out - I have to order more from Amazon. My experience with them, is that it takes ~2 weeks to get proof copies in the mail. Then, another week to send it to you. So, I'd estimate about 3 weeks (and could be closer to 4). If this is OK, then send me your snail mail address and I'll get it out as soon as possible. Publication release has slipped to mid-July, so the timimg could still work out. Of course, all good reviews get a signed released paperback (if they wish it). Thanks.

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