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Years of Shame: FGM Survivor & Other True Stories
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Wanjiru Warama (wanjiruwarama) | 1 comments Free download of this nonfiction book from 5/22/20 to 5/26/20.
I would appreciate it if you could favor me with a review after you read the book.

For those who would want to know a little about the book, here is a short synopsis:


The first story is about a newborn baby who is unwanted by her mother because she’s a girl. Njana, the infant's aunt, is horrified. Yet, she envies her infant niece because she is born in the mid-1970s. This means she won't be subjected to Female Genital Mutilation like Njana was in the 1960s.
After decades of turmoil, Njana gets an opportunity to get reconstructive surgery. Afterward, she gives an account of the gut-wrenching parents’ sanctioned trauma that she underwent before the operation, the actual operation, and the physical and psychological effects and challenges that followed.

In the last story, the author uses a senior citizen to tell the story through a stream of consciousness. The woman, like many in her age group, has lost her libido. She is determined to control her own sexuality irrespective of her husband’s desires.
The book ends with an epilogue where the various characters settle into rolls they believe work best for them under the circumstances.
Although this is a short book, it took a lot of mental energy to write. Why do I write such stories, then? I believe writers should not cherry-pick stories to tell and leave others untold. Instead, tell the stories and let readers choose what they want to read. Besides, the world is a better place if we know what happens in other parts of the world, and sometimes closer to home than we may think.
Thank you for reading.
Wanjiru Warama

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Dennis Kitainik | 149 comments THAT is why those countries are shitholes -- because those people treat their own women like shit!

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