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message 1: by mercedes (new)

mercedes Put here any info you want about yourself! Favorite book, genre, author, etc!

message 2: by milana (new)

milana waller (milanamarie13) | 1 comments I am honestly a Hunger Games fanatic ... but I like dystopian, fantasy, contemporary, romances... preferably a combination of sorts .

message 3: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid (vaneunoxx) Hey! I like to explore different genres, my recent favorite books are: They both die at the end, the green mile, the count of Montecristo, 11/22/63, the sun and her flowers and a clash of kings.

message 4: by hinaluvsbooks (new)

hinaluvsbooks (itshannahbooks) | 5 comments Hey! I’m Hannah. My favourite genre of books is basically anything fantasy! I think that I would have to say my all time favourite book is Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare but I love all of her books. I am currently reading This Savage Song which is a group read for this group, and siege and storm by Leigh Bardugo which I really want to finish so I can read Six of Crows 😄. If you have any book recommendations for me I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

message 5: by angelina (new)

angelina  | 1 comments Hello everyone!
I find that majority of what I read is fantasy, but that doesn't mean I don't like to branch out and read other genres. Don't let my Read list fool you, I've read way more than that, I just don't have time to log them all, so if you need a recommendation, I have a hundred up my sleeve. I can't choose between books because I love them all like children, but that doesn't mean I don't have favorite characters. I LOVE Sarah J. Maas and will defend her books to my grave. I can talk books forever, so if anyone wants to have a healthy book obsession chat, let me know!

message 6: by Trisha (new)

Trisha (literarilytrisha) | 3 comments Hello everyone! I read so many different genres but I have a special fondness for fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian. I love ya but read adult too. Contemporary and thrillers are ones I've been getting more into lately. I love talking books and always welcome it! I love chatting.

message 7: by Shubham (new)

Shubham Raj (memberofspew) Hi I am Shubham and I am in love with Science, sci-fi, fantasy and dystopians.

message 8: by ella (new)

ella Hi, I'm Hazel and I love almost every single genre of book :) However, I mostly read romance or YA books in my free time.

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