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message 1: by Plateresca (new)

Plateresca | 14 comments Hi!

I thought this group should have a topic where members can ask for recommended reading on particular subjects, but I couldn't find exactly such a topic, so I've decided to start one. Awfully sorry if I'm wrong, hope there's no harm in this anyway.

So, I'm looking for books that have at least anything on weather magic. This is not a widely covered subject, isn't it? Why not, do you think? Where would you look for this kind of information?

message 2: by Charles (new)

Charles (cbloky) | 9 comments can't find out lot about since a lot believe you shouldn't do weather magic

message 3: by Plateresca (new)

Plateresca | 14 comments Charles wrote: "can't find out lot about since a lot believe you shouldn't do weather magic"
Thanks for replying!
Well, then, maybe somebody ever wrote something coherent on the reasons why weather magic shouldn't be practised, or at least mentioned these reasons in some work or other? I mean, I think I imagine these reasons, but I'm still interested.

message 4: by Toviel (new)

Toviel (exagge) | 65 comments I haven't read any of these titles, but here's a couple titles on weather magic specifically:

1. Weather Wisdom: Being an Illustrated Practical Volume Wherein is Contained Unique Compilation and Analysis of the Facts and Folklore o: Not quite about magic, but a "practical manual" of folk sayings and practices regarding weather predictions.

2. Weather or Not: Two Books About the Magic of Timing & the Timing of Magic: A more witchy look at weather magic. The author does a number of workshops and classes, it might be worth reaching out to her if you read the book and still have questions.

message 5: by Plateresca (new)

Plateresca | 14 comments Toviel wrote: "here's a couple titles on weather magic specifically
Oh, thank you, thank you, this is so kind of you! Both sound good and I've ordered both of them.

Also, if anybody else is interested in the subject, I've found good old Scott Cunningham may have some information on the topic, I'm reading his 'Earth Magic' now.

message 6: by Diamond (new)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 6 comments Dion Fortune - any of her stuff is great! Moon Magic and even her fictional work Sea Priestess is great but she writes a lot about her particular brand of witchcraft and it’s very fascinating and informative. Esoteric philosophy of love and marriage was also good but her magic book is popular as well.

honestly you can’t go wrong with any of them but for informative purposes probably stick with her nonfiction titles!

message 7: by Plateresca (new)

Plateresca | 14 comments Diamond wrote: "Dion Fortune - any of her stuff is great!"
Thank you! I've heard of her, of course, but not sure I've actually read anything.
I guess this is not related to weather magic, just a general book recommendation, isn't it? But thanks anyway :)

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