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Tiffany Breyne | 450 comments Mod
The author/illustrator uses different color palettes and panel structure for different sections. How did that affect your experience? What part(s) did you enjoy the most? Did the color palette make a difference to you?

Becca Boland | 693 comments Mod
I found the full color spreads to be easier to follow. I don't know if it was the color or the content, though.

Allyson | 155 comments Becca, I felt the same way-- the panels felt more defined to me which made reading via phone a lot easier.

Becca Boland | 693 comments Mod
I'm wondering what my experience would have been like if I had read it as a book instead of on my phone.

Allyson | 155 comments Absolutely-- i think i would've have enjoyed the more free form sections more if I had read it on a tablet or in a book because it'd be easier to take in the whole instead of just piece by piece.

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