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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Breyne | 450 comments Mod
This book has been translated from French - was anything "lost in translation" for you?

Becca Boland | 690 comments Mod
I think a lot of the humor was lost on me. Especially the "tips" between chapters. Some of them made sense. But others went right over my head. Also, I think there are some types of food/ways of serving food that are more common in France?

Allyson | 155 comments Yes-- the spiralizer part was pretty funny but I found myself confounded by the Pepe Roni parts-- like, wait, what? I wonder if some of it is lost in translation or I'm not a well versed chef? Or like you said, Becca, some types of foods or ways of serving food that aren't as common here.

Becca Boland | 690 comments Mod
The whole Jean Fera (fera being the fish and Jean Ferrat being the singer) thing was lost on me. I had to google both of the things. I also had to google black radishes.

Diana La Cazadora (strawberrykiss) | 156 comments I found the humor to be what I think of as "European". There was a joke about trusting a recipe from someone who has colon cancer and I remember thinking that was way
harsh! The Fera fish joke was also something I chalked up to just not getting as intended. There was one mis-translation of shallots for scallops, but I thought it was overall successful and enjoyed it.

Becca Boland | 690 comments Mod
That's a really good point. It might not have been a translation thing - it might just have fully been over my head.

message 7: by Joe (new) - added it

Joe Wachter | 19 comments The small comics with the puns seemed to be a bit lost in translation to me. Like "don't confuse x with y"

Becca Boland | 690 comments Mod
Joe - that's what I meant by the "tips" - yes!

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