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Completely safe

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Griffin skips into the woods cheerfully, looking back to see if Victoria is coming.

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Victoria did her best to keep up, panting slightly from the corset. She paused for a moment, leaning against a tree to catch her breath.

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Griffin turns around, heading back to Victoria. She rubs her back gently. "Ya know, you could breathe better without the corset. I don't want you to pass out." She notes.

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Victoria nodded slowly. She pulled off her dress. Underneath was her long white nightgown, with the corset over it. She looked at Griffin over her shoulder. "Unlace it, please?"

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Griffin nods, blushing faintly as she unlaces the corset hugging Victoria's torso.

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When she was done, Victoria pulled it off and threw it on the ground. She pulled her dress back on, the turned to face Griffin, somewhat close to her. "Won't be needing that!" she laughed.

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Griffin smiles and notices that Victoria's bun was coming undone. "Your bun is unraveling." She says, stifling a laugh.

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Victoria looked peeved. "It's always doing that," She laughed, pulling the bun out. She let her hair fall loose, draping onto her shoulders. "It's alright like that, for now," She blushed.

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Griffin smiles, tilting her head. "You look beautiful." She says, sighing.

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​ (dragomania) "GET A ROOM!" shouted a random voice from nowhere in particular

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Victoria hesitated, biting her lip, then laid a hand on Griffin's cheek. "You do too...." She said softly. Victoria furrowed her brow after hearing the voice.

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Griffin smiles and gently leans into Victoria's hand, ignoring the interrupting voice.

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Victoria hesitated again, looking into Griffin's eyes, then leaned in and gently kissed her, sliding her hand from Griffin's face into her hair.

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(( Drago that's your cue ))

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Griffin kisses her back before pulling away and smiling. (( my brain is shutting down. I had a whole like 3 sentences of lovey stuff in my head and I just lost it ))

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​ (dragomania) "gEt A rOoM!!!!!!!!!!!1"

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Victoria smiled, then frowned slightly and pulled away slightly when she heard the voice. "Maybe we should go somewhere more private? I know our date was supposed to be here, but..." She motioned with her head to the general area the voice was coming from.

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Griffin frowns. "Yeah, where is that even coming from?" She looks around for a moment before adding, "We could head to my house, if you want?"

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Victoria blushed slightly. "Okay!" she smiled. She grabbed her hand.

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Griffin smiles and leads Victoria in the direction of her house.

(( https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/... ))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Fuji wandered through the forest. She took a sip of her coffee and yelped. "Ack! Hot!" She shook her head and kept walking, talking to herself. "Hells, I think I just killed my tongue. Why does coffee have to be served so frickin hot? They should make people sign waivers. Honestly..."

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​ (dragomania) { actually some seriously horrible stuff has happened due to overheated coffee }

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) [Damn people really should sign waivers]

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