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John Ruane (johnbernardruane) | 7 comments I am seeking Beta Readers for feedback on my first novel, A Dangerous Freedom! It's my fifth book. I am hoping to receive some specific feedback about the book. It presents a main storyline featuring the all-American boy, Dylan Reilly, who hates guns but after he and his wife are on the sites of three violent attacks, he decided to purchase a Smith and Wesson six-shooter, trains with a former U.S. Marine, and becomes the fastest gun. He then goes out to confront the heavily-armed killers. There are two subplots. The first is about the son of a Yippie leader who is trying to resurrect his father's movement. The second about a couple that escaped Iran during the Hostage crisis and built a great life in America until 9/11 occurred. All three are woven together for an exciting ending.

Length: 160 pages, 64K words

Thanks for your consideration! If interested, please email me at and I can send you the synopsis.

John Bernard Ruane

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Tom Hicklin | 3 comments I have just finished a novel about the same length and genre. Would you like to do a swap?

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John Ruane (johnbernardruane) | 7 comments Hello Tom,
Sure. My email address is


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