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Lare'va Lemorte (lareyvalemorte) | 1 comments Once Upon A Time,,,A monster tried to save the world... During World War One, an Italian fishing boat pulls a young girl out of the water. Horrified and frightened, most of the sailors believe the child to be a flesh-eating mermaid. Luckily for them, the trauma to her lungs cost the girl her memory, and with it, her power to transform. Emilio had been wanting to have a family for a long time. The unfortunate sailor takes the child to his wife just before he is issued off to war. Too soon, Emilio dies in the trenches. From the child's despair grows the desire to end all wars. Wanting to give the girl a better life, Emilio's widow sends her to live with her more fortunate family in the city. But as the child ages into an adult, so does the hungry, uncontrollable monster inside her. In order to save the world, she must find a cure to end her cannibalistic cravings.

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MissBecka Gee (missbeckagee) | 19 comments Sounds exciting! I will shoot ya a message.

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