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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Science-fiction: Food parcels are poisonous, journalist investigates the death of her friend and finds out a lot more.

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Emer | 2 comments I think written in the early/mid 80s

From what I remember...
The earth is polluted and over populated, cars run on electricity or steam. The sea and rivers are no longer safe to swim in. An environmental movement not dissimilar to Extinction Rebellion try to live on the fringes of society, grow their own food, protest and do their best for humanity and the earth. A journalist is trying to find out more about the death of her friend who was one of the head guys in the environmental movement. Her friend has supposedly jumped out of a moving car. There is cctv footage of him doing so which is completely bizarre as he was neither depressed or suicidal.

A town in Africa(?) goes AWOL and everyone goes crazy killing each other as if they are drugged. food parcels that are being sent to that town are spiked/produced incorrectly and cause people to go baloobas.

Turns out the journalists friend had eaten some of the food parcels this is why he jumped out of the car. The journalist who is a lady searches out the guy who originally set up the environmental movement who has gone underground.

The food parcel company is owned by a rich american, whose son gets kidnapped for ransom by a rogue group from the environmental movement.

Some very similar parallels with current times.

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