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The goblet of fire

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Hayden | 12 comments ..

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Hayden | 12 comments I liked this one

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theres two of these :D

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lucy  Ü (lucyrodriguez) alright... ill make one comment on the movie for this book. why the heck wasn't winky the house elf included in the movies ????!!!!

gets me sad every dang time, because i loved her with all my heart and soul.

#Emily Hutson  | 10 comments Mod
OHHH so truueee!

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btw...this is my favourite movie in the whole series!!!!!I miss Cedric though...nice guy

message 7: by lucy Ü (new)

lucy  Ü (lucyrodriguez) i loved cedric : (

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I'll miss him....wish he was there for at least another movie or two:(

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