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message 1: by Wendy (last edited May 21, 2020 05:40AM) (new)

Wendy (wendydewit) | 1 comments I'm an avid reader and I want to gain some beta reading experiences.
I'm a college student majoring in Political science, so political themes are very interesting to me. I'm a half Chinese & half European and LGTBQ, so I can speak on representation on these topics.

I read about all genres, some of my favourites are Fantasy, YA, Contemporary, Historical fiction, LGTBQ+ and political non-fiction.

please let me know if you're interested

message 2: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 115 comments Hi Wendy! Can I interest you to read my MS? Here's the query letter I wrote to send the agents regarding it. Hope it intrigues you.

I’m seeking representation for my 50,200 word, pessimistic in a healthy dose, dark humour upper MG magical realism novel, A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE. Given your interest in quirkiness and unique problems, I thought it might be a good fit for you.
In the year 2080, 14-year-old underachiever Joe finds a semi-translucent, sepia-coloured man in his room and panics. He assumes the stranger to be the holographic operating system he’s purchased, but his mother Lina figures out the man’s true nature; the spirit of Joe’s great-great-great-something-grandfather who died in the 1880s. The ghost wishes to see the world and know everything that happened after his passing.
Sepia man soon realizes that the world’s gone through natural disasters. Old skyscrapers are more than halfway below the poisonous, zombie fish lurking seawater. The sun rays are scorching, and the consumer culture is at its peak. Still, life goes on as if everything’s normal. Joe’s mocked by his crush, sepia man’s disappointed by the new era, and both have the worst time of their lives and deaths. Let down by humanity, the duo hit rock bottom. They talk about the past, the future, and books, taking strength from one another.
Joe starts an uprising in his class, thinking he’s been deceived by the adults about history throughout his entire life. Things get settled with a message sent by sepia man.
A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE is a character-centric novel which leads our past and future into being disappointed with one another by bringing them together. Though comedic, the book raises plenty of questions about the potential outcomes of adult indifference on global warming while questioning life and death. It speaks to children of ages 10 to 13 and has similarities to John Boyne's “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket” and Terry Pratchett’s “Johnny Maxwell” books. The dynamic between my two MCs also resembles a light version of what the show “Rick and Morty” has. You may find sample illustrations I made for this book here:
I am a writer, translator and illustrator, mostly working on children’s literature. My books have been published thrice and awarded twice in Turkey by major publishers. This book has been published in 2014 only in Turkish, which would by no means harm any potential English sales (its rights are currently available globally).
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ali Benice

message 3: by I (new)

I McGilp (immcg) | 9 comments Hi Wendy
I have a contemporary work which has political elements and touches on the opium trade, although not as we know it. It comes as a novel in three parts, would you be interested?


message 4: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (wendydewit) | 1 comments I wrote: "Hi Wendy
I have a contemporary work which has political elements and touches on the opium trade, although not as we know it. It comes as a novel in three parts, would you be interested?


I'm definitely interested, the story sounds really interesting!

message 5: by Zubair (new)

Zubair Dollie | 23 comments Hi Wendy!

I've written a 38k word, 60% completed, Dark Fantasy with a bit of comedy and romance woven in between. (LGBTQ friendly)

1st person story following Nox (male, dark skin) as he suddenly appears in a fantastical world, losing all memories of his past.

In this new world he befriends two others (a forest elf woman and a another guy who’s in a similar position as him). Together they try and figure out what’s actually going on and links it to the antagonists of the story. The main characters main objective is to find a way back to his own world:

This story contains extreme violence and a bit of foul language (just the F word). There isn’t any sex, but there are sexual innuendos.
Another trigger warning is that it talks about depression and self harm.

I’m sorry for sucking at giving a brief overview of the plot, but I hope you enjoy it.

Looking for someone to let me know if the plot is interesting enough, if the characters and likable and three dimensional, let me know if there are any annoying plot holes, etc.

message 6: by Ackash (new)

Ackash Kumar | 31 comments Hi, Wendy! I'm so honoured to have you read my work, if you decided to

I have two finished manuscripts that I would love to share with you. Both have similar themes, but are different in their own ways. And they are not connected directly to each other but share a bond that is as mysterious as the flow of the universe. The plot heavily revolves around the zodiac and how they mature wrapped in a very human story full of flaws and acceptance towards the end. (it's not a series, really) Hence, these books focus on the sign of the title given to them. There's some power usage as well and both these books are relatively safe (some warning for trauma, fighting, sex (mentions), alcohol abuse (mentions), swearing in one the books )

these characters are also diverse in their opinions, skin colour, race, religion, body type and others. 12 books. 12 main characters. All of them have things to fix and all have their own stories to tell.

Savannah is a 20+ year old African-American from Wichita and Yannathan is a 30+ year old Aboriginal from Australia. She has an average build from her consistent diet and relatively lazy way of life. He has a climber's body from all the stunts he's pulled in his life. They both have so much to face that even they never expected.

i hope i've given you enough to consider my manuscripts (you can pick one or both, i'm fine with it) without spoiling too much. DM me if you're interested!

message 7: by John (new)

John Ruane (johnbernardruane) | 7 comments Wendy wrote: "I'm an avid reader and I want to gain some beta reading experiences.
I'm a college student majoring in Political science, so political themes are very interesting to me. I'm a half Chinese & half ..."

Hello Wendy,
I have a new novel titled, A Dangerous Freedom! It's an action thriller that falls under historical and literary fiction. May I email you my synopsis to see if you would be interested in reading it. I am seeking specific feedback. Thanks very much! My email is

message 8: by Eva (new)

Eva Goldsby | 5 comments Hello Wendy? I am looking for a beta reader for my apocalyptical novel "Still alive?". Are you interested? My email is

message 9: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey | 23 comments Hi Wendy,

I have a 96,000 word literary sci-fi novel with a neurodiversity theme, description below. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you!

Alexander didn't mind that he never made friends at his elementary school. People didn't make sense to him, and he preferred to pursue his own interests by himself. He is happy to leave it all behind when he is invited to take part in a medical study on a commercial space station where he meets other odd children like himself. With this group of quirky misfits he finds himself at the center of more attention than he ever wanted, but discovers more about himself and the value of human connections than he ever imagined.

message 10: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Lawler | 12 comments Hi Wendy,

I have an LGBTQ novel that offers excitement, romance, and drama. It is about a woman who encounters a strange event one night and then has missing memories of that day. Strangers try to contact her and she thinks she is going crazy. With the help of her friends, she sets off to fight back. The twist is bizarre. I need a beta reader to read this. I have questions that I need answered. It will be ready in two weeks time. Let me know! My email is Thank you. I hope to hear from you. Lynn

message 11: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Miller | 106 comments Hi Wendy, would you be interested in reading a paranormal romance novel?

Faith Black is the last of her family no thanks to a crazy immortal magic-user.
That same magic-user is hunting her now, but Faith has one last stand in her, a way to put her down for good. But she won't make it easy, fighting and chasing Faith every step of the way.

Enter ex-Army Ranger Ric Hardy. His family made a vow to protect Faith's family no matter what and now its' fallen to him to watch her back. The real question is will they be able to stay one step ahead of the magic-user all the while fighting the attraction growing between them?

It contains mythology, swearing, fighting and love scenes. There is a same-sex couple referenced throughout the story but doesn't have any love scenes between them.


message 12: by Aurialis (new)

Aurialis  (aurialis) | 16 comments Hii. My book is a mix of few genres - Adult fiction, mystery, romance. I am only asking for a beta read for the first chapter of about 2800 words.

In the first chapter, you will be introduced to the main character Ava and some insight in her daily life. She lives in a small town.

If you are interested, let me know and I will forward you my draft. Thanks

message 13: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Walker | 22 comments Wendy wrote: "I'm an avid reader and I want to gain some beta reading experiences.
I'm a college student majoring in Political science, so political themes are very interesting to me. I'm a half Chinese & half ..."

Hello Wendy,

Would you be interested in a short 3 chapter poetry book, roughly 90 poems that tells a nonfiction love story?

if you would be interested please feel free to email me at :)

message 14: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 38 comments Hi Wendy. I am looking for a beta reader for my finished novel "Chalkdust. It is 119,000 words. Here is the blurb:

The weight of two humans in the trunk of Aubrie’s car make her feel lighter than she’s felt in years. They’re not dead bodies, just broken souls. When one of Aubrie’s students is put in protective custody after her immigrant parents are deported, Aubrie is launched into a world of fostering and smuggling. Bureaucratic red-tape, custody hearing, and a trip to Mexico in a car with a big-ass trunk lead Aubrie to find more than her student’s parents.

Tina, an over-achieving first generation Mexican-American, is falsely accused of mistreating a student. Humiliated, she is marched from her classroom and placed in a detention facility known as “the rubber room”. Tina retreats from her friends and family and focuses on trying to fix the very system that is trying to destroy her.

After Piper’s carefully crafted image of the devoted wife and successful professional shatters with a late-term miscarriage, she turns her pain and rage onto Tina, her most vulnerable friend.
Piper’s grief, self-loathing, and cynicism combined with her insatiable ambition proves to be tragic for those she loves.

In this story, we witness the intertwined narratives of three best friends as they navigate from their college years filled with secrets, coffee house poetry, and naked runs to the gritty reality of life as an adult. The story is told from the first-person perspectives of three women: Aubrie the giver, Piper the taker, and Tina the target.
Thank you for your consideration.

message 15: by Abby (new)

Abby | 49 comments Hi Wendy!

Thanks for doing this. My book has 52,000 words and is incomplete. I am about half way through, but I wanted feedback.

Here is a summary of my science fiction novel, if you have time:

In the year 2110, there is an uproar in almost every country in the world, all because eighteen years prior, one couple wanted a child. Instead of seeking the help of doctors, or adoption, they decided to consult a scientist. That scientist gave them a child, an exceptional child. Years later Exceptionals live mostly hidden in society. People in their respective countries –even their governments– either want to weaponize them, destroy them, or integrate them into society. Traveling from country to country, a group follows the trail of an ex-CIA agent on a mission to save Exceptionals on behalf of the Romanian government. This group of civilians, tech heads, military men, and CIA agents, team up to rid the world of its destruction. The venture does not come without its challenges as each person must face a different kind of danger then they were expecting to face. Despite the turmoil, they find family amongst strangers… and robots.

message 16: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Weingartner | 20 comments Hi Wendy, my novel is a character-driven novel about a disgruntled, middle-aged man who learns humility and gratitude in dramatic ways which leads to joyful character change. Think of a modern day Scrooge. Thanks for considering!

Book Title: Thank You
Author: Ryan Weingartner (
Word Count: 58,000

message 17: by Rod (new)

Rod Raglin | 42 comments Wendy wrote: "I'm an avid reader and I want to gain some beta reading experiences.
I'm a college student majoring in Political science, so political themes are very interesting to me. I'm a half Chinese & half ..."

Hello Wendy,
Would you be interested in beta reading The Bird Witch - Book 4 in the Mattie Saunders Series - romance, action, politics, multicultural characters, and birds. It’s 50K, complete and publisher-ready. However, I’m sure some fresh eyes could still find dropped words, a few grammatical errors, and even plot glitches. I can send a digital edition in any format you prefer.

Blurb: Can you love someone whose worldview is different from yours? Who is committed to a cause that excludes you because of your race, and keeps his activities secret “for your own good”? Simon is an indigenous person committed to the First Nation causes. Mattie loves him, but is love enough?

This is a stand-alone story with provocative themes that explore contemporary culture and has an underlying subplot that addresses environmental issues.

You can check out the previews of the first three books in The Mattie Saunders Series; The Rocker and the Bird Girl, Cold-Blooded, and The Bird Whisperer on my website at or my Amazon Author Page at

If it sounds interesting and you can give me a quick turn around, contact me at or reply to this post.

message 18: by Nastasia (new)

Nastasia Bishop | 50 comments Hi Wendy,

I'd be very interested in your service if you're not already too overwhelmed!
I'm looking for a beta to read the first 5 chapters of my novel and gain some honest feedback to see if it's heading in an interesting direction!
It's a fantasy, hovering between adult and YA but probably a little more YA leaning.
Here's a WIP outline, let me know if of any interest. Thanks for your consideration! :)

Title: Kingdom of Stardust

"In an age where natural, magikal ability has been lost, only a physical spark can bring out the power within.

In the district of Sula, Zola Norsova is grieving her Grandfather's death when she is captured by the sovereign. King Lucan believes her to be his long lost niece but when the rebel group known as The Kasi find her missing, they'll do everything they can to get her back.
But does Zola want to be saved? The more she learns of her Grandfather's mysterious past, the more she is drawn in to the delights of the royal city of Jorvik.

Two generations back, Zola's grandmother, Mika, has risen up the ranks in The Kasi rebel group to become leader of the division of saboteurs. When a falling star leads to a chance encounter with a Prince-on-the-run, does she stay true to her rebel cause or risk everything to help him? "

Told in multiple viewpoints across two generations. The story is full of magik, Viking inspired fashion and fantasy technology.

message 19: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 168 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (96k words). I would describe this as a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!
Thank you!

In the land of Fantacia, there are Five Kingdoms that rule over all, each having its own species: Farian, Monstro, Mundus, Shifter, and Telik. The Kingdoms are constantly at odds and have been on the brink of war for years. That threat becomes a reality when the Monstro King issues an ultimatum: side with him or go to war.

Hoping to prevent war and take down the worst of the Kingdoms - the Monstro, Mundus, and Shifter - is Raven, a Mundus that has three-fourths of her body burned and has a knack for throwing knives. Richard, a Farian with wings as dark as the night and an unmatched skillset with a sword. Colt, a Shifter with two different colored eyes who kills with more speed and accuracy than comprehendible.

Just when the plan begins to take effect, Raven runs into the entity of Death. Surprisingly, he wants Raven to succeed, but he'll make sure she'll suffer along the way. He forces the group into the Mundus Kingdom, a place Raven never wanted to see again unless it was nothing but ash. There, the group's secrets and pasts begin to slowly rise to the surface, threatening their plans. However, they still have one goal - revenge.

Please PM me :)

message 20: by Gerard (last edited Aug 28, 2020 04:54PM) (new)

Gerard O'Neill | 74 comments Hello Wendy,

I have a 36k-word YA science fiction book completed and in need of your sharp eyes. Although this book may appear political-lite the series has a definite political thriller aspect to it. I have 6 books drawn up and three completed. Book 3 is going through a first edit now, but this Book 2 is ready for a beta read.

I am looking for your suggestions on the plot, characters, story continuity, and generally where you think the story needs tightening or perhaps aspects that could be expanded on. This is an ARC of book 2 of the Atoma series. I can also send you the published Book 1 for a review if you wish.

Atoma is a 16-year-old girl, who along with a group of teenagers, all outcasts like her, finds herself on an odd-shaped planet in a star system light-years from Earth. None of them really had a choice but to accept a mission that was shrouded in secrecy.

Following a crash landing, Atoma and Nako are rescued by Ilyin, a young warrior about their age. They quickly discover something is badly amiss in this very strange world. Atoma lives to return to Earth to discover a home and her family erased from her memory, but now there’s Ilyin, and despite Nako's warning, Atoma finds herself increasingly drawn to the boy.

The coming-of-age, action-adventure with large helpings of suspense and thrills continues. You can find the link to Book 1 below.

message 21: by Clive (new)

Clive Wright | 37 comments Dear Wendy,

I’m writing to see if you would be available, and interested to beta read a contemporary novel is set in Singapore, and deals with identity, betrayal and friendship.


'Roger Gorren, a British Eurasian, is propelled by betrayal from his home in London to Singapore, where his life is disrupted by the death of his business partner. This draws him into the Secret Service. Ultimately, he has to decide whether he will kill to order.'

The novel is a study of someone under extraordinary pressures, forced to make decisions with far-reaching consequences, that he never expected to face. The reader should be prepared to ‘look beneath the text’ – i.e.: much of the meaning is implied, rather than simply being spelled out.

Would you be interested in critiquing it? The full novel runs to 99k words, and the first 3 chapters 9.5k. Reviewing either would be most helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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