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This thread is focused on Finland.

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Why Finnish People Tell the Truth

In Readers Digest - Lost Wallet Test - Finland was the most honest country

It was December, and I’d just arrived in Helsinki. Fresh snow lined the roads and I frantically covered myself up against the cold; gloves, hat, scarf.

I headed to the train station, looking for a Finnish SIM card, and popped into several shops and kiosks to find the best one. At some point, I realised I’d left my hat somewhere and retraced my route in frustration. I peeked inside the stores, mimicking wearing a hat, asking if anybody saw it.

I finally spotted it, sitting atop a small Christmas tree on one of the kiosk counters, and picked it up with a smile.

That led to one of my first observations about Finland: that the Finns are a very honest bunch.

During my visit, I would slowly go on to discover that honesty is highly valued in society here and is the bedrock of all interaction: people are assumed to be honest all the time, and trust is implicit unless proven otherwise.

Remainder of article:

Source: BBC News

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