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Wicked Hearts (Poplar Falls, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Cowboy Romance set in Colorado. [s]

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Catherine | 6 comments The main characters of this book are named Ellowyn (Elle) and Walker. It begins by opening with a scene from Elle's last. Her parents died, and as a result, her Aunt Doreen and her other aunt take her and her older brother in. Her Gram and grandpa also help. Fast forward to when Elle is about 23 or 24 years old. She is living on her family's ranch which her brother helps take care of, and she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She has just decided to leave the field of journalism and Doreen tells her that in the meantime, Ellowyn can help her with her therapy with horses and also help Elle's sister-in-law, Sophie, with records and paperwork upkeep of the ranch. She finds that she quite enjoys it and learns to appreciate the work that is put into keeping the ranch running.
Walker is a lady's man and is the newly promoted foreman of the ranch. He takes care of his dazed mother and tries to forget and not become like his deceased, abusive father. Walker has worked at the ranch since he was seventeen when he found out his girlfriend at the time was pregnant by him. However, his girlfriend and her parents aborted the baby, but Walker continued working at the ranch. Walker is always flirtatious with the ladies but became increasingly more so with Elle. They both recognize their attraction for one another, despite Elle's family pushing her to be in a relationship with the new Veterinarian. Elle tells walker about a dream or a memory of her parents and brother having a snowball fight and building a snowman. In order to apologize for something, Walker recreates the scene for Elle with her friend Sonia and another friend. Elle and Walker finally give in after a night of drinking, and afterwards, they hide their relationship. Elle's brother happens to ride with Walker one day in his truck. Her brother finds a female sweater in Walker's truck and questions Walker. Walker covers up that it's Elle's by naming another woman since Elle doesn't want to tell her brother yet. Later when they are at the bar, Walker and Elle start making out in a hallway, and her brother catches them and fights Walker. When Elle tries to break it up, he tells her that Walker had just been with another woman ("the one who owned the sweater" -not knowing that it had belonged to Elle). Elle believes him, and Walker doesn't say anything. Three days later, he goes back to the Ranch after being encouraged by Aunt Doreen and talks with Elle's brother and tells him the truth and that he loves Ellowyn. Ellowyn overhears, and they make up. The epilouge consists of Walker proposing to Ellowyn at Ellowyn's friend's wedding to Ricky.

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Catherine, that's a good start. Please add more plot details to the topic header (title). We have thousands of romance requests. We close threads with vague headers.

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Zenta  (juljeta) | 193 comments Could it be Wicked Hearts by Amber Kelly

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Catherine | 6 comments Will do @Kris. Thanks for the tip!

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Catherine | 6 comments Thank you so much @ Zenta! That is exactly the book I was looking for.

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