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message 1: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Hammond | 15 comments I just noticed that we can watch the next book, which is a play, on Amazon Prime. Someone mentioned tonight that it was an HBO miniseries, but I see it is free to Amazon Prime members.

message 2: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 156 comments Mod

message 3: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Hammond | 15 comments When I went to start watching Angels in America on Prime, it said that it was no longer available. But then I was able to buy it on my Roku. Just $10.99. It is a really good mini-series. I don't think I would enjoy it as much reading it.

message 4: by Z. (new) - rated it 5 stars

Z. F. (zee_eff) Hi everyone, sorry to have waited so long to get the discussion rolling this month. Among other things, I've been in the middle of a move. GR also apparently doesn't notify me if someone else starts the thread.

As you're aware by now, this month's selection is Tony Kushner's two-part 1991 play, Angels in America. Set during the AIDS crisis of the '80s and early '90s, the play should resonate both with Pride month and the more recent pandemic with which we're by now all so familiar.

As Cheryl mentioned, miniseries versions are available to watch on HBO and elsewhere. Since drama is always best witnessed on stage, I wouldn't fault anyone for checking one of those out in lieu of the book. If you would rather read it, you can find an e-copy on Hoopla. You can also pick up a physical copy at Schlafly when we partially open the branch on June 10.

The discussion itself will take place on June 17th at 7 pm, via Zoom. Here's the meeting info, including the password:

Meeting ID: 895 6421 4973
Password: 081283

See you then!

message 5: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 156 comments Mod
Picked up the audiobook from my local county branch today, looking forward to our discussion. I really wish, though, that we could go see it together on stage.

message 6: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 156 comments Mod
Is anyone else listening to the audio version? It's of the 2018 Broadway revival by the National Theatre and is just excellent. Great cast (well, Andrew Garfield may possibly be a bit over the top), with Susan Brown (in multiple roles, notably Rabbi Chemelwitz) wonderfully mastering E. European, Utah Mormon, Manhattan physician and '50s Jewish housewife accents, and the great Nathan Lane chewing up the scenery as Roy Cohn. My favorite character in the play is Belize, and the actor portraying him here is just so good.
Anyway, I hope I'm not the only one of our group who is enjoying the play. I'm sure some [like Joe Pitt] are having trouble getting past the liberal use of the F#*! word, explicit sex, and taking of the Lord's name in vain, as my husband was the 1st time we saw it, @ Illinois State U. where our daughter was ass't stage mgr for a student production. It no longer gets in the way of my appreciation for its skewering of Reagan Republicans, horror at the public ignorance and official denial of the AIDS epidemic, or its so-obvious relevance to Trumpian America.

message 7: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 156 comments Mod
Where is everyone this month???

Geoffrey Nutting | 116 comments Lucy wrote: "Where is everyone this month???" Reading selection much later than usual in month.
I liked the 1st play, Millenium Approaching, much better than the 2nd. I liked getting to know the characters and their issues much better than how he tied the plays up.
How about you?

message 9: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucy47) | 156 comments Mod
I'll save further comment until our mtg tomorrow -- already have monopolized this space this month!

message 10: by Z. (new) - rated it 5 stars

Z. F. (zee_eff) Hi everyone! Just a reminder that we will be meeting tonight at 7 via Zoom! Here's the link and password again for those who missed it:

Meeting ID: 895 6421 4973
Password: 081283

See you soon!

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