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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Fiction, Teen Fiction, Series between 3-5 books, About a Girl who starts to explore her world (which consists of a single large island)

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Jonathan | 1 comments I remember reading this when i was late elementary school, early middle school. The book was about a "coming-of-age" girl who started to explore her world. I remember that there were essentially three cities that were protected by walls and large roads connecting them. Outside that was unexplored territory that she began to become familiar with over the course of the series. The book also consisted of some magic.

I remember the first book's cover consisted of the girl (main character) with blondish hair and a braid coming down her left shoulder. She was staring down at something in her hand? I can also vaguely remember that the cover had a lot of green associated with it.

Apologies for the incredibly vague details but this was an old book and I wanted to try and find it so that I could reread it.

I feel like there were more than 3 books but not more than 5.

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