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message 1: by Jasmin (last edited May 20, 2020 06:37PM) (new)

Jasmin Will (jasminwill) | 6 comments Hi Colie,

Would you be interested in reading Daughter of a Stillborn, a YA Fantasy, coming of age, African American Harry Potter meets Peter Pan mash-up, completed at approximately 97,000 words?

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks! :)

message 2: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 117 comments Hi Colie,
I've seen the post and wanted to take my chances. Here's the query letter I wrote regarding my book. Hope it picks your interest.

I’m seeking representation for my 50,200 word, pessimistic in a healthy dose, dark humour upper MG magical realism novel, A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE. Given your interest in quirkiness and unique problems, I thought it might be a good fit for you.
In the year 2080, 14-year-old underachiever Joe finds a semi-translucent, sepia-coloured man in his room and panics. He assumes the stranger to be the holographic operating system he’s purchased, but his mother Lina figures out the man’s true nature; the spirit of Joe’s great-great-great-something-grandfather who died in the 1880s. The ghost wishes to see the world and know everything that happened after his passing.
Sepia man soon realizes that the world’s gone through natural disasters. Old skyscrapers are more than halfway below the poisonous, zombie fish lurking seawater. The sun rays are scorching, and the consumer culture is at its peak. Still, life goes on as if everything’s normal. Joe’s mocked by his crush, sepia man’s disappointed by the new era, and both have the worst time of their lives and deaths. Let down by humanity, the duo hit rock bottom. They talk about the past, the future, and books, taking strength from one another.
Joe starts an uprising in his class, thinking he’s been deceived by the adults about history throughout his entire life. Things get settled with a message sent by sepia man.
A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE is a character-centric novel which leads our past and future into being disappointed with one another by bringing them together. Though comedic, the book raises plenty of questions about the potential outcomes of adult indifference on global warming while questioning life and death. It speaks to children of ages 10 to 13 and has similarities to John Boyne's “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket” and Terry Pratchett’s “Johnny Maxwell” books. The dynamic between my two MCs also resembles a light version of what the show “Rick and Morty” has. You may find sample illustrations I made for this book here:
I am a writer, translator and illustrator, mostly working on children’s literature. My books have been published thrice and awarded twice in Turkey by major publishers. This book has been published in 2014 only in Turkish, which would by no means harm any potential English sales (its rights are currently available globally).
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ali Benice

message 3: by Zubair (new)

Zubair Dollie | 23 comments Hi Colie!

I've written a 38k word, 60% completed, Dark Fantasy with a bit of comedy and romance woven in between. (LGBTQ friendly)

1st person story following Nox (male, dark skin) as he suddenly appears in a fantastical world, losing all memories of his past.

In this new world he befriends two others (a forest elf woman and a another guy who’s in a similar position as him). Together they try and figure out what’s actually going on and links it to the antagonists of the story. The main characters main objective is to find a way back to his own world:

This story contains extreme violence and a bit of foul language (just the F word). There isn’t any sex, but there are sexual innuendos.
Another trigger warning is that it talks about depression and self harm.

I’m sorry for sucking at giving a brief overview of the plot, but I hope you enjoy it.

Looking for someone to let me know if the plot is interesting enough, if the characters are likable and three dimensional, let me know if there are any annoying plot holes, etc.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 67 comments Celebrating the end of the school year, sisters Ember and Holly go on a camping trip to Mt. St. Helens National Park with their friends. Everything is fun and games until the world turns completely dark. The darkness is terrifying, but when light is restored, things get even worse. Magic and monsters have entered the world, running free to wreak havoc on every aspect of life. Surrounded by chaos and danger, the group of friends wants desperately to return to normalcy, but instead find themselves battling for their lives as they embark on a journey of survival. Throughout the ever-changing world, they must find safety and learn to fight. Will Ember, Holly, and their friends survive, and more importantly, will they learn to live with the magic or die trying?
Diego has been a soldier for less than a year, and now he’s being sent to the front lines to fight. He and his unit must save a small town from an unknown enemy, an enemy new to his world. The unit fights creatures straight out of nightmares and find they are ill-prepared. When nothing goes according to plan, Diego and a group of other surviving soldiers embark on their own journey, never imagining what lies ahead.

This is a young adult fantasy of about 82,000 words with some violence and strong language. Let me know if you would be interested.

message 5: by Fred (new)

Fred | 16 comments Hi Collie,

I'm looking for beta readers for my short (32K words) sci-fi novel. Here's a synopsis:

COGNITION is a science fiction novel with elements of crime and political drama. It involves androids known as “cognizants” or “cogs” who live and work among humans, have real emotions and personalities, and who would like to be treated not as machines but as people. They are the good guys in this world. The protagonist in this story is a human, a young woman named Jessie who works as a congressional aid. In the course of her work, she befriends a cog and becomes obsessed with knowing about their origin and about the brilliant but reclusive scientist who invented them. She also learns that there are hate groups who don't want the cogs to be treated as people, and who will try anything, even political assassination, to keep them down. She volunteers to investigate these groups, going undercover to learn their secrets and to stop their crimes.

I hope this is something that interests you. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.


message 6: by Scott (last edited Jun 08, 2020 10:00PM) (new)

Scott Drummond | 10 comments Hello Colie,

I'm looking for some beta readers to give me their general impressions of the plot, characters and overall readability of my first novel. This is the fourth draft and the time has come to get another set of eyes on it.

There are 25 chapters in total and I am planning on sending them out 5 chapters at a time. I will be sharing them through google documents with a short questionnaire for you to give me your thoughts.


Here are the details:
Title: House of the Kappa (working title)
Word count: 93,000 words
Genre: General Fiction
Themes: Divorce, friendship, drug use, crime, depression, revenge, personal journey
Content Warning: Drug use, suicide attempt, sex, murder
Keiko is sick of life with her overbearing husband. Having lived in his shadow for most of her adult years, she is determined to break free and put her true potential to the test.
As she tries to spice up her life with petty acts of revenge on anyone who crosses her, she finds herself caught up in a world of drugs, crime and salted cucumbers.
The friends and enemies she makes along the way change her life forever, bringing love, laughter and sadness all served up with a twist of things uniquely Japanese.
Follow Keiko on her journey of self-discovery and as she finally begins to see there’s more to life than ironing underpants and pretending to be nice.

Thanks for reading my post and please get in touch if you have any questions.


message 7: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey | 23 comments Alexander didn't mind that he never made friends at his elementary school. People didn't make sense to him, and he preferred to pursue his own interests by himself. He is happy to leave it all behind when he is invited to take part in a medical study on a commercial space station where he meets other odd children like himself. With this group of quirky misfits he finds himself at the center of more attention than he ever wanted, but discovers more about himself and the value of human connections than he ever imagined.

This is a 95,000 word sci-fi novel with a neurodiversity theme. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you!

message 8: by Anna (new)

Anna | 10 comments Hi Colie!
Would you be interested in reading a 22K word novella from the point of view of a rock?
Here's a little synopsis:
Gray is a cynical (and slightly pretentious) rock residing on the Westside river bank. He leads a relatively normal existence, until a little girl named Andrea puts him in her pocket and takes him home. Then, as the little girl goes about her daily life, both Gray and Andrea come to a realization: Maybe humans aren't so scary?

message 9: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Godley | 12 comments Hi Colie!

I am seeking a beta reader for Rock, Scissors, Paperbag an easy chapter book for children. Total: 4000 words.

The Sandlot meets The Goonies.

Every kid knows the legend of The Great Orange Tree. They say there is a magical tree in a faraway land that grows REAL orange-balls every hundred years, but it is just a story. Rock, Scissors and Paperbag, 7-year-old best friends, discover a riddle and ancient map that lead them on a wild adventure to The Great Orange Tree. The Legend is real! Paperbag, who is afraid of everything, Rock, who is seriously tough and Scissors, smart and chill have a near-disastrous brush with a cave monster, a tornado of cooties and who can forget, The Land of Smells.

Their goal? To find The Great Orange Tree to get real orange-balls for the kids of Orange Orange to play with. Only professional Orange Ball players play with real orange-balls… until today! The wacky and offbeat characters make this a worthy rendition of a perennial theme of the power of friendship. These three best friends work together and achieve the unthinkable, face their personal fears and have a blast in this hilariously fun adventure.

I am interested in knowing where the reader is confused by the plot, characters, and world-building. Anything you didn’t like? Anything that took you out of the story? And any pointers about making that first chapter spot on!

If you are interested, Reply and I can send you the book.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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