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A Face Like Glass
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's/YA The world is underground, main female (possibly a child) protagonist is an apprentice cheese maker. [s]

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Heather Bunce | 2 comments I apologise this is going to be overly specific whilst simultaneously being almost comically vague.

I got the book from my school library possibly 4-5 years ago. (I am no longer at school or i would check there).

Front cover may have had a girl in a bubble on it (but there is a good chance i'm confusing it with a different book)

Underground world, connected primarily through tunnels. I don't think the people there know there is a surface.

Some people have specific jobs in the society. For example the people who dig the tunnels, they're all insane because you need to twist your mind to understand the tunnel system.
There is a plot point where the heroine needs to understand the tunnels for some reason and is afraid of losing her mind.

Main protagonist is the apprentice/ daughter/relative of some kind of a Cheese maker. Said cheese maker may later die in a cheese-fume related incident.

The heroine is at one point a food taster for a mayor-like figure. during this time she has to eat certain biscuits/crackers (possibly shaped like fish) in order to cleanse her palette between foods.

There is also a secondary male character, around the same age as the protagonist. I believe they originally meet in some kind of slum type area. I don't think there was any romance between them. Both quite young, very early teens possibly but no younger than 11.

At the end the heroine reaches the surface, which is desert-like terrain.

Pretty sure it was a stand alone book at the time but it was pretty open-ended so that may have changed.

It didn't seem particularly old, but there was no mention of any recent technology so it's ambiguous.

That's all I can remember, I promise you I have tried everything i can think of to search for it myself.
Thank you in advance!

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Heather Bunce | 2 comments Rosa wrote: "A Face Like Glass?"
Yes, that's it!
Thank you so much!

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5096 comments Fantastic! You're very welcome.

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