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Maximos the Confessor > Epistle 7: on the soul and body after death

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Clark Wilson | 586 comments Epistle 7: To John the Presbyter PG 91 p 437

This letter is not part of the book we have been reading. I have not yet found a copy in English. I'm posting this topic because I encountered a long quotation from this letter describing the state of the soul after the death of the body, and the relationship of the soul with the body after the death of the body. This is a topic that Nemo opened up long ago.

I will scan and post the quotation in a couple of days. In the meantime, anyone who finds an English translation of the letter please tell us what book it's in, etc., etc.

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Clark Wilson | 586 comments The Experience of God, vol. 6, The Fulfillment of Creation

Okay, I scanned the two pages. I rediscovered that we can't post PDFs here on Goodreads. Yes, I probably can post them as photos but I don't want to.

I extracted Epistle 7 from a PDF of Patrilogia Graeca as a new PDF.

So here is a link to a folder containing the two pages, each in a separate PDF, and the PG text (parallel Greek and Latin).!An0_tUoLhzbEhKpDq...

I am not guaranteeing to maintain this link. It may evaporate at any moment.

They are from Dumitru Staniloae, The Experience of God: Orthodox Dogmatic Theology volume 6 The Fulfillment of Creation pp 50-51.

The text is a translation into English from Romanian. In addition the St. Maximus text in Greek is of course translated, perhaps twice (Greek to Romanian to English).

So what you have here is a major Orthodox theologian writing his distillation/summary of St. Maximus on this topic. This is not Maximus ipse. YMMV.

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