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message 1: by Carli (new)

Carli (bookswithcarli) | 5 comments Hi, I have no experience in beta reading other than being an avid reader and an ever expanding library. I’ve been surrounded by books my whole life (now 27) and would be really interested in knowing the process of book making mostly so that I can one day write one myself.
I don’t really read high fantasy, or horror (just getting started n both). And usually get kind of disappointed with mystery/thrillers. Other than that, I read mostly anything.
English is not my first language, although I consider myself bilingual (been studying since I was 5) and read mostly in this language.
As the rest of the world right now, I have a lot of time due to quarantine even with an essential job and college. Always trying to have more projects and stay active.

message 2: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 114 comments Hi Carli,
Here's the query letter I plan to send agents. Hope it picks your interest!

I’m seeking representation for my 50,200 word, pessimistic in a healthy dose, dark humour upper MG magical realism novel, A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE. Given your interest in quirkiness and unique problems, I thought it might be a good fit for you.
In the year 2080, 14-year-old underachiever Joe finds a semi-translucent, sepia-coloured man in his room and panics. He assumes the stranger to be the holographic operating system he’s purchased, but his mother Lina figures out the man’s true nature; the spirit of Joe’s great-great-great-something-grandfather who died in the 1880s. The ghost wishes to see the world and know everything that happened after his passing.
Sepia man soon realizes that the world’s gone through natural disasters. Old skyscrapers are more than halfway below the poisonous, zombie fish lurking seawater. The sun rays are scorching, and the consumer culture is at its peak. Still, life goes on as if everything’s normal. Joe’s mocked by his crush, sepia man’s disappointed by the new era, and both have the worst time of their lives and deaths. Let down by humanity, the duo hit rock bottom. They talk about the past, the future, and books, taking strength from one another.
Joe starts an uprising in his class, thinking he’s been deceived by the adults about history throughout his entire life. Things get settled with a message sent by sepia man.
A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE is a character-centric novel which leads our past and future into being disappointed with one another by bringing them together. Though comedic, the book raises plenty of questions about the potential outcomes of adult indifference on global warming while questioning life and death. It speaks to children of ages 10 to 13 and has similarities to John Boyne's “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket” and Terry Pratchett’s “Johnny Maxwell” books. The dynamic between my two MCs also resembles a light version of what the show “Rick and Morty” has. You may find sample illustrations I made for this book here:
I am a writer, translator and illustrator, mostly working on children’s literature. My books have been published thrice and awarded twice in Turkey by major publishers. This book has been published in 2014 only in Turkish, which would by no means harm any potential English sales (its rights are currently available globally).
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ali Benice

message 3: by Carli (new)

Carli (bookswithcarli) | 5 comments hi! is this something you would like to share to hear feedback ?

message 4: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 114 comments Yes, I guess I wasn't obvious enough, sorry :)
Would you be interested in reading it, Carli?

message 5: by Carli (new)

Carli (bookswithcarli) | 5 comments Oh, no, I should apologize, I lietrally just found out about this and wanted to try, you are the second person to contact me, and know nothing about the mechanics of beta reading. Just trying to engage in new things.
Of course I would like to read it and give you feedback about it

message 6: by Ackash (last edited May 24, 2020 06:03AM) (new)

Ackash Kumar | 31 comments Hi, Carli! I'm so honoured to have you read my work, if you decided to

I have two finished manuscripts that I would love to share with you. Both have similar themes, but are different in their own ways. And they are not connected directly to each other but share a bond that is as mysterious as the flow of the universe. The plot heavily revolves around the zodiac and how they mature wrapped in a very human story full of flaws and acceptance towards the end. (it's not a series, really) Hence, these books focus on the sign of the title given to them. There's some power usage as well and both these books are relatively safe (some warning for trauma, fighting, sex (mentions), alcohol abuse (mentions), swearing in one the books )

these characters are also diverse in their opinions, skin colour, race, religion, body type and others. 12 books. 12 main characters. All of them have things to fix and all have their own stories to tell.

Savannah is a 20+ year old African-American from Wichita and Yannathan is a 30+ year old Aboriginal from Australia. She has an average build from her consistent diet and relatively lazy way of life. He has a climber's body from all the stunts he's pulled in his life. They both have so much to face that even they never expected.

i hope i've given you enough to consider my manuscripts (you can pick one or both, i'm fine with it) without spoiling too much. DM me if you're interested!

message 7: by Clive (new)

Clive Wright | 37 comments Dear Carli,

I’m writing to see if you would be available, and interested to beta read a contemporary novel set in Singapore, that deals with identity, betrayal and friendship.


'Roger Gorren, a British Eurasian, is propelled by betrayal from his home in London to Singapore, where his life is disrupted by the death of his business partner. This draws him into the Secret Service. Ultimately, he has to decide whether he will kill to order.'

The novel is a study of someone under extraordinary pressures, forced to make decisions with far-reaching consequences, that he never expected to face. The reader should be prepared to ‘look beneath the text’ – i.e.: much of the meaning is implied, rather than simply being spelled out.

Would you be interested in critiquing it? The full novel runs to 99k words, and the first 3 chapters 9.5k. Reviewing either would be most helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



message 8: by Carli (new)

Carli (bookswithcarli) | 5 comments Clive wrote: "Dear Carli,

I’m writing to see if you would be available, and interested to beta read a contemporary novel set in Singapore, that deals with identity, betrayal and friendship.


'Roger Go..."

Hi Clive, this sounds really intresting! unortunately, i have to decline, i dont have enought time this month to commit to beta reading.
I hope you find someone who can help you with your novel.
Have a great week-

message 9: by Clive (new)

Clive Wright | 37 comments I understand. Thank you.

message 10: by Marion (new)

Marion (mariwari) | 6 comments Hi Carli,
I was wondering if you're free again for beta reading. And if so, if u were interested in my YA-Romance?

I'm about to publish my first book in English. It's actually part of a YA Series, originally written in German and translated by my hubby who is a professional translator for indie authors. Nevertheless I'd like to have a native speaker have a closer look at it.

Genre: Romance; Angst; New Adult; YA
Number or words: 100k word
POV: Frist Person (epistolary novel); exception prologue = 3rd person
No real sex scenes (just kissing and making out) yet
Level of violence: only allusions to past events but no explicit descriptions yet

No matter if you are interested in the entire book or just some chapters. I'd apprecciate any kind of help.

That's the blurb of the book
I love you.
To you I may write that. After all, I've already lost you.

On the outside, 16-year-old Sandra leads a fantastic life as a successful member of a band in San Francisco. Hardly anyone knows how hard it has been to get there and what pain Sandra tries to keep secret from the world.

But then her hard-won happiness is shattered in one fell swoop when she learns of the tragic death of her cousin Dominic, her only support and constant source of encouragement. In desperation, Sandra writes letters to Dominic in order to keep him alive for her.

Dominic's best friend Alex is there for Sandra from the beginning and supports her constantly. But can she get involved now, of all times, with a boy who is known for breaking hearts?

An epistolary novel with a lot of emotion that shows how abruptly life can change and how one can find new courage and draw strength even in the darkest moments.

If you're free and interested, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

message 11: by Susannah (new)

Susannah Olsen (plsfan) | 10 comments I think either of these might be good for you!

Two stories that might interest you! PM me if either look like something you'd want to read!

"In a Broken Future" is a YA dystopian novel set in a dark and gritty world. Through this book, you will despair for the seeming impossibility of a perfect government and the despicability of human beings. Despite the disgusting world she knows, our protagonist pushes through a wall of naivety and replaces a harrowing child-labor factory with a precariously situated underground rebellion. She becomes more aware of the complexities of human nature: through the rebels she grows close to and the complex changes that emerge in her own identity.
We explore the effects of excessive wealth, abuse, and generational trauma throughout the action-packed novel. It promises romance, mystery, and treachery on multiple levels of interlacing plot. In a country with such a devastating government, the weak must conspire to change it all.

This novel is only halfway written. I'm looking for guidance and suggestions to see if I'm moving in the right way before finishing the book. All Beta readers on "In a Broken Future" will be invited to read the finished manuscript when the entire story is done, before publishing, if they so choose. I'll also tell them spoilers if they really want some.😉


Six teens with varying pasts are forced to evacuate the United States together when mysterious power outages begin to shut down the country and much of the world. The only place on the continent unaffected by it is a border city in Mexico, where refugees are being sent. 
Unbeknownst to Earth, the blackouts are a tactic used by the Mique, humanoid aliens deployed under the orders of their executive rulers. Thousands of them have already seeped into the government and everyday population. 
When the evacuation begins, two classmates, two siblings, and two Miquen scouts work together to survive the dangerous trek to Mexico. As relationships grow and eyes are opened, one must wonder: does allegiance run thicker than morality?
In this curious and often somber Young Adult novel, delve into the collision of two worlds. When Earth is in panicked disarray, it should be easy to leech what you need from their inhabitants- right?

This novel is written and in the deep-editing phase. I'm actually a third of the way through the sequel, so that's fun! For those who need a more finished product, "Mique" will be a good fit for you.

message 12: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 168 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (98k words). I would describe this as a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!

In the land of Corrail there are five species, using hate and spite to make the land a violent cesspool. Raven, a badly burned Mundus, knows that better than anyone. Betrayed by her Kingdom, and left for dead in enemy territory, she wants nothing but revenge against the Mundus King.

Years after the incident, an unlikely trio forms with similar interests: Colt, an anxiety-ridden Shifter, and Richard, an overly strict Farian. The small group devised a plan to ensure the Kingdom they live in is protected against the others that oppose it and prevent war.

Just as they begin to make progress, a new player in their twisted game appears: Death. Moving the players, the group end up in Raven’s old Kingdom with a new mission for her to follow that will take her to her limits. With Death promising that Colt and Richard will be hurt if she doesn’t do as she’s told, she agrees to the deal. But vengeance courses so fast beneath her skin that nothing can stop her from getting what she wants.

Please PM me :)

message 13: by Josie (new)

Josie Johnston (josiejohnstonromance) | 21 comments Hi Carli, I wonder whether you're taking on any beta reading at the moment, and if you'd be interested in my MS, Starred, a contemporary sensual romance, 72k words? Here's the blurb:
"Change everything you need to, to survive."
"But doctor, what if that's everything I am?"
Hollywood Grand Duchess Anna Anderson likes 2000s pop classics, soda-with-lime, and princess pink. And she loves walking. She walked away from movie stardom. She walked into Rehab. Now she’s walking the Blue Sky foothills, sleeping under the stars, searching for the little girl she used to be. And the woman she wants to become.
Ex-Marine Lukas Starr hates this hike, almost as much as he hates spiders. Leading a bunch of soft-ass civilians round a bunch of hills, boo-hooing them every time they break a nail, and songs round the campfire? If it weren’t for a princess with a flamingo-pink backpack, he’d be over that hill quicker than a chorus of Kumbaya.
Anna and Lukas have both been to hell, and the scars go deep. So how can they trust this star-crossed feeling they get, every time they come too close? Not to open old wounds?
I hope to hear from you, Josie.

message 14: by A.V. (new)

A.V. Davina (avdavina) | 15 comments Hi Carli!
Would you like to beta read The Three Privileges? :)

It’s a young adult urban fantasy book with the magic of Harry Potter, the adventures of Percy Jackson and the special connection with animals that characterizes His Dark Materials.

The book is complete (100k), it is even already being sold on Amazon, and this would be its second edition.

“When they finally find his trace, his life and the world order change forever.

Nahuel is a teenager -the most wanted in the world- but he doesn’t know it, because his grandfather has managed to hide his true identity from him.

The United Nations Organization sends him an invitation that he cannot refuse. In the mysterious underground floor, Nahuel learns the power of privileges and its sacred connection to nature.
Together with a group of young people from all over the world, he will be trained to discover and work his extraordinary skills, without knowing that he is a key player in an ancient, never-ending war.

Nahuel must fight against the devastating forces that the Ignobles bring with them and, on the way, discover who he is and what the true story of his family is.”  

You can check the book’s website

I would love to hear your feedback for this second edition!! Thank you!

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