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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA fantasy - teens in apocalypse as reincarnations of gods (Hindu, Celtic), empty city

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Nadia | 60 comments Read this book maybe 7 years ago. I'm guessing it was published in late 2000's/early 2010's. It's written in American English. My memory is a cover with a green "frame", and inside the frame is a predominantly blue scene. There are also illustrations in the book, maybe at the beginning of each chapter.

The premise involves a group of teens realizing that they're incarnations of gods from various cultures' mythologies. I remember Celtic and Hindu gods in particular. The main conflict involves an apocalypse, but I'm not sure what causes it - I think the teens are just trying to weather it. It happens near the beginning of the book, and a bunch of stuff cracks and the city they're in falls apart, and then everyone disappears and they're left alone in the ruins to duke it out.

Some characters I remember...

- A girl who's Kali, the goddess of destruction. I think she's literally named Kali. She starts out as kind of a rebel, so she doesn't really mind being a destruction deity. Might be an antagonist or obstacle to some of the other teens.

- A girl who's a pop star, very beautiful and admired, starts the story having relationship trouble with her boyfriend, who later dies/disappears. My best guess is that she's Parvati.

- Celtic raven/crow god? who's on the cover as a giant crow?

- Pretty sure there's a Quetzalcoatl who looks pretty bad*ss and gets his fair share of illustrations

- Guy who's Minerva and keeps trying to make battle plans? think I might've made this one up

eta: Male author?

Any help appreciated <3

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Jen (booksandcoffeejen) | 5 comments It wouldn't happen to be Search for Senna or any of the following books in the Everworld series? The cover looks a bit like you described.

They're by Katherine Applegate and came out in the late 90s/early 2000s.

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Nadia | 60 comments No, I don't think that's it! I think the author was male (but I could be wrong!)

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Nadia | 60 comments bump!

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Nadia | 60 comments No, it's neither of those! The target audience is older I think, solidly teenager.

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