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Heather | 8333 comments I would have never thought to just Google Arts and Culture and come up with such a vast amount of information!
They have SO many suggestions on things to do while in quarantine. So many things to do from home! I only list those things relating to art. I am going to list a few things they give to us to dive into in order to pass the time while trapped inside. And really, you could spend days looking at this stuff! There are a lot of things in 3D, a lot of virtual museums, zoos, the football museum, a mosque...Well, I'll get to some of that in a minute.

So, since this folder is about Art Museums, I will tell you how to see over 2,000 Museums Around the World including Grand Palais, Van Gogh Museum, MoMA and more

Just a taste:

-Sorolla Museum
Madrid, Spain

-Ohara Museum
Kurashiki, Japan

-The State Hermitage Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia

-Museo Frida Kahlo
Mexico, Mexico

-Tate Britain
London, United Kingdom

-The Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, United States

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Heather | 8333 comments Other Museums and Sites found in Google Arts and Culture

Machu Picchu, Peru
Discover this 15th century Inca city

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Heather | 8333 comments Over 100,00 Artworks in High Definition
Frida Kahlo, Monet, Vermeer, and more

This is incredibile!

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Heather | 8333 comments CAFAM, Beijing
Discover Beijing's Central Acadamy of Fine Arts

The Mirror Connection
Artist Grimanesa Amorós

The second installation called The Mirror Connection at the Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFAM) in Beijing presented tentacles of light, exposed circuitry and unpredictable light patterns that were both mesmerizing and surprising.

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Heather | 8333 comments Step inside the Nine-Dome Mosque
Discover Heritage in Bangladesh

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