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message 1: by Jill (new)

Jill Caugherty | 6 comments Hello,

It appears that there are two editions of my novel, WALTZ IN SWING TIME, in goodreads: the paperback version ( and the kindle version ( Each contains a different description, though the kindle version description is the latest and the one that should be shown for both versions.

Is it a problem to have two different editions of the same book? I want to make sure that all the reviews and ratings appear in both versions.

If it's okay to keep the two editions (and keep the same ratings and reviews across both), can you please update the description under the paperback version ( that it is the same as the description under the kindle version? I've copied the kindle version below:

"A reflective tale of growing up creative in a stifling environment and finding true love." –Kirkus Reviews

Growing up in a strict Utah farm family during the Great Depression, Irene Larsen copes with her family’s hardship by playing piano. Even after an unthinkable tragedy strikes, Irene clings to her dream of becoming a musician. When a neighbor's farm is foreclosed, Irene's brother marries the neighbor's daughter, who moves in with the Larsens and coaches Irene into winning leading roles in musicals. Clashing with her mother, who dismisses her ambition as a waste of time and urges her to become a farmer's wife, Irene leaves home.

During a summer gig at Zion National Park, where Irene sings in a variety show for Depression-weary tourists, she meets professional dancer Spike, a maverick who might be her ticket to a musical career. But ultimately she must decide whether pursuing her dream justifies its steep price: losing her home and family.

Alternating between Irene’s ninetieth year in 2006 at an assisted living home and her coming-of-age in the thirties, Waltz in Swing Time is a poignant tale of mother-daughter relationships, finding hope amidst loss, and forging an independent path, against all odds.

Jill Caugherty

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 18655 comments The books are combined, so reviews will appear under both editions.

I have updated the paperback description and removed the blurb, which is not allowed.

message 3: by Jill (new)

Jill Caugherty | 6 comments thanks!!

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