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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Ask away, because answering questions helps me understand the group too.


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Are you going to have Omegas?

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) So, do you guys see anything that's confusing that I need to edit?

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) ƒɛąɾƖɛಽಽ ąחɗ ƒɛɾσͼίσնಽ wrote: "Are you going to have Omegas?"

Aren't Omegas the bottom dogs? That's what the Gnaw Dogs are.

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Ooooooohhhhhh! Ok!

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Basically, just imagine New York if it was abandoned, run-down, and looked like it had just been hit by the apocalypse.

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) 1) The packs don't really "rule" the city at all. Their main goal is survival.
2) There are alliances, but they don't really last long. Two packs might join together to take down a pack that's been causing trouble, but then they'd probably go their separate ways.
3) We're going on that basis that one human year is roughly five dog years, so they'd usually live to be roughly 18 in human years. Unless they get wounded badly or sick or something.
4) When an alpha dies, the beta usually takes control. However, anyone in the pack can challenge the alpha for control, except the Gnaw Dogs. If the alpha is challenged, the two dogs fight until one surrenders.

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So is this kinda like The Last Dogs series?

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) I've never actually read that series...

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) 1) The cats disappeared with the humans
2) If a dog goes mad or gets rabies and tries to attack others, the other dogs in the pack will usually try to kill them as quickly and painlessly as possible, to keep everyone safe.
3) They get food from various sources like dumpsters, and they also hunt small animals like birds and rabbits. They get water from rain, or they'll find a hose that was left on or something along those lines.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) 1) Almost all domestic animals disappeared. Bobby's pet snake? Gone. Lindsay's gerbil? Gone. The only ones that stayed were the dogs.
2) They have small doggos. What did you expect to happen? (I'm kidding. If a dog gets pregnant, we probably won't RP much of the delivery in full detail.)

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2. I’m guessing we aren’t gonna RP that part! XD

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) 1) The ones in zoos are gone too. However, there are still nondomestic animals, but wolves and stuff live in the wilderness so the packs don't usually have to worry about them.
2) If a dog can't keep up with the pack, they'll probably get left behind. Is that what you meant?

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Okay! Is that all the questions?

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I’m gonna guess no... XD

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) XD

well, I hafta go for a little bit to eat lunch, so take your time coming up with a giant list of questions. Try making a character, too! You guys can both make an alpha for the other six packs if you want (although I would like to claim the Venomstrike leader.)

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I don’t know of we should cause we’re gonna leave...

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Tis true....

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) When are you guys gonna be back? Do you have an exact date?

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Well.... school starts on August 5th for us, so around that time!

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Okay!

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) You guys will be gone for roughly ten weeks.

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That is a very long time.......

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Okie... so we need a better name... this thing isn’t really a Kingdom, so we’ll scrap that part... hm... lemme think...

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Well, it's not that long. Think about it. It's only five two-week periods.

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Gang? League? Alliance? Squad? Rivalry? Group?

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Better?

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Well?

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Sorry! We be back! Um............ hm............. uh............ well............

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Potatos ♥ I have become one with the shrubbery ♥ wrote: ""

Y’all are copycats! XD

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Hello

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Can you help me create a few topics?

(view spoiler)

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) XD I'm sowwy

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Okey dokey. Well, just know that when we get back, Meg wants to challenge the Sunhowl alpha for their spot, and possibly the Leafwind one too! XD

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Okay! I'll create filler alphas until y'all get back! XD

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Okie! Meg says thanks! [[her iPad is charging right now, so she isn’t on]]

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Okay!

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do any of the packs not have a main site yet?

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Weird question, but why are all the dogs purebreds so far? You would think that there would be more mutts since all these dogs have been abandoned and are without humans now and such.

I suppose it's harder to find pictures of specific mutts you want on the internet but you could still describe them...

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) I just noticed that, sorry XD

Phoenix (Books with Wings) No problem! I was just wondering.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Because you are

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I know that there are dogs of many different orientations in this group but are there dogs that identify as something other than male or female?

Phoenix (Books with Wings) I'm not a mod but I'm gonna partially answer this question, Potatos can correct me when she comes back, or someone else can.

But anyway, I'm gonna say yes just because dogs with different orientations aren't actually a thing in real life (as far as humans know) and yet we still have them in this rp, so I don't see why dogs who identify as something other than male and female shouldn't be in this rp too.

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what type of names do dogs have?

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