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UNSOLVED: One specific book > spoilers ahead-- wartime romance and rise to fame as a fashion designer

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Tara Laverty | 2 comments I read the book around 2009-2011.

The plot starts off with this girl and a boy in a cave during one of the world wars, they promised to marry one day. They get separated soon after that, reconnect when they are older, and the girl is supposed to marry or is married to someone else.

During that time of separation the girl slowly works her way up to becoming a fashion designer and meets a close relative who turns out to be one of the most famous fashion designers. I think her relative was doing some shady stuff- can't specifically remember.

Some other plot points include- the death of some of her family members due to being killed in a tidal wave in their cottage. At one point the girl and her fiancé got into a car crash because the guy got jealous of her past lover and went all psycho at the opera one night.

It does sound like a lot has gone on in the book, but that's because it's a relatively large book. It's also quite old- the copy I had years ago had browned pages. I also remember the book being blue if that helps. i just really want to find it and read it again

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Tara, you started a thread for this already here:


so I'm closing this thread. One thread per book please, otherwise it gets confusing. In a few days we'll delete this thread.

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