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The Operator

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message 1: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen | 11 comments I did a little bit of research on Vivian's signature lipstick color. The Revlon color "Fire and Ice" is still part of the line. It's a bright, reddish orange and is considered a classic. Of course, it was all part of the image that Vivian wished to create for herself.
I don't think I would wish to be invited to any of her dinner parties. Maybe her menu would have fared better if she choose a winter wonderland theme instead of her green and red Christmas themed menu. The green spinach soup and ketchup in the beef stroganoff certainly added a tone of levity to the tense theme of this chapter.

message 2: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Cunningham | 3 comments I love that you did this research, I think that element was so interesting!

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