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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Mom and daughter (15-ish) run a seaside hotel. Adult Murder Mystery written in 2000s. Several murders of young women, reporters stay at hotel.

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Lynn | 6 comments Mom and daughter run a seaside hotel. (England maybe)
Set in 1940s-ish I read last year but it's an older book.
There are several murders of young women.
Reporters come to the hotel to stay while covering the story.
Daughter (15-ish) tries to help one of the reporters solve the case. She gives the killer a nickname (I cannot remember it)
and ends up falling for the reporter. He is 33-ish and knows he cannot reciprocate.


Mom is the murderer due to jealousy of a man (a butcher) in town that she loves but he does not love her back.
So she kills women she thinks he is seeing. (Stabs them)
The mom dies before anyone figures out it is her.
The reporter figures out it is the girl's mom but does not have the heart to tell her because he loved her.
They go their separate ways in their lives. She finds him on his death bed but he still does not tell her.

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Kris | 35167 comments Mod
Lynn, I added a few plot details. Feel free to update it.

Is this book for adults or teens?

Where is the husband?

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Lynn | 6 comments This is for adults.
There is no husband mentioned.

Thank you for the help with my posting.

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Kris | 35167 comments Mod
No worries. Added "adult" to topic header.

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