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Liana Barns | 2 comments Hello!
I am in the process of writing a book that is adventure/romance/erotica with bondage. Its around 55k words so far, likely going to maybe a total of 85k or so. I would love to have some readers tell me what they think and make sure I'm going down the right path! Here is a little information about the book:
She is a single mom with a son in first grade. She enjoys her job as a photographer. She also enjoys doing things outdoors, especially fishing. One Friday morning, after dropping her son off at school she decided to go kayaking at the last minute. She packed quickly since she was excited to get out on the water. So excited that she forgot to bring one crucial item you need when you're out on the water alone. She had no idea that this weekend would bring a crazy adventure, plus new and pleasurable experiences!

If you think this is a book you would be interested in, let me know!!

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April Claudina | 24 comments Sent you PM

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