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La'Sheka Smith Ok, so..hear me out..I love contemporary romance novels, but I am getting so tired of how the men are portrayed in said novels. They're typically extremely (I mean...extremely) sweet, not very challenging, warm and fuzzy, and just all around not a typical man Lol. I know there's the other end of the spectrum as far as the bad boy stereotype goes, but I've found that Jonah is the EXACT type of man that I want to read opposite of a heroine in a book! Does anyone have any suggestions that have male characters that are similar to Jonah's personality? Other books that I have enjoyed as far as the male goes is The Hating Game, and Love Her or Lose Her.

Thanks for the help!

Meagan I hope this helps!

Only When It's Us - Chlose Liese
Happy Trail - Daisy Prescott

I think they're both in between the warm/fuzzy to bad boyish spectrum! Plus beards plus loves nature? I've been trying to find another Jonah character (Simple Wild is just too good!)

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Isabela Thanks for the suggestions :)

La'Sheka Smith The closest match I’ve found is Wall of Winnipeg and All Rhodes Lead Here

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