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message 1: by Tessa (new)

Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
Ever find it annoying when people say that young tweens or teens shouldn’t read adult books? Comment it down here!

message 2: by Tessa (new)

Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
That’s just one of the opinions some people have. Feel free to discuss more!

message 3: by Tessa (new)

Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
I personally think that if you’re 12+, you get to decide what books you want to read, whether it’s young adult or new adult

message 4: by Kacie (new)

Kacie I think it all just depends on the person and the books they wanna be reading. Like, I don't like to read books with a lot of swearing and other stuff like that, and there are some ya books that are super super concentrated with stuff I don't wanna read, and I've read some adult books that are perfectly fine. So I guess what I'm saying is that even though they're separated into these different categories, you still have to just pick and choose the kind of books you wanna read regardless of the "category" as long as it meets your personal standards and expectations.

message 5: by Tessa (new)

Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) I agree!! People always ask if it’s appropriate and I think it’s up to the kid. And, I’m sure people have been through this, but there are people in my class/school that share information regarding some adult topics so really it’s not like we’ve never heard about some situations. And the violence I feel is something that isn’t bad for me because I imagine it in a un graphic way. Books I read may be an R rated movie because of how they make the violence and how graphic it is. Really, you know yourself best, and I got annoyed when ppl said young teens shouldn’t read ACOTAR. It’s a book that if you skip the smut, then you’ll be fine! Sorry for the rant😂

message 7: by Tessa (new)

Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
Right?! Once on goodreads this person wouldn’t be my friend because I said I’d read ACOTAR and they didn’t think I was old enough. I mean, I skipped the smut, because I’ve heard it’s weird, but that’s no reason to not friend someone

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) Ikr!! I really read smut. The only ones I’ve read are the ones in TOG, any Cassandra Clare book, and QoN. But the thing is, that stuff is.... natural? I mean ppl are more concerned about it then violence which is definitely NOT natural in some books. And that person not friending you was rude, I can’t believe not friending someone because they read a book that you think they cannot read?? That’s weird.

message 9: by Tessa (new)

Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 1136 comments Mod
I'm not allowed to read smut, so I don't. I don't have problems with books with smut in them, because I can just skim over it until it's over, but I hate books with kissing or sex in every other chapter

message 10: by Lucy Tonks (new)

Lucy Tonks | 636 comments Mod
i am the one who usually chooses what she reads. for example in the past i read books that where pitched as "adult" books or NA and it was completely fine, some of them i didn't even really understood why they were pitched as adult

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) Right!! Sometimes the book doesn’t have any bad content at all!

message 12: by Party Poison (new)

Party Poison [Disco Freak Show] (certifiedkilljoy) The only books I’ve read with questionable scenes are the throne of glass books. But no one has to know about that.

message 13: by Bibliopaat (new)

Bibliopaat Literature should be free and not restricted. Although there are some gray areas. In my library theres a 11yo kid who is well over reading childrens literature and has read through big portions of YA literature. But I do understand that sometimes she brings back books unread cause her parents deemed it not appropriate yet. If I remember ACOTAR was one of those and Paper Princess. Taking into consideration that that kid and their sibling are one of the most mentally stable and healthy kids Ive ever met I can't judge the mother for pushing some books to the future.

What draws the line for me is rape. It must be talked about, it must be depicted with all it's ugly sides but with 11-12 year-olds Im afraid the meaning can get lost without having someone to explain it to them. Same goes with unhealthy relationships. Authors magnificently manage to show the world in its ugliest but sometimes it is not outright said that its the ugly and the wrong part thinking readers would understand that but younger ones might not. Of course books cant be always saying this is right and this is wrong but I think that kind of difficult subjects with gray areas would need that the young reader would have at least someone older, who they trust, with who they can discuss it with.

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) I agree. Rape, suicide, drug abuse and other topics should be taken caution with and if young children read about it they should have an elder they can discuss it with. It can be hard to read so books with that should be 100% for a certain age group.

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