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message 1: by Corissa (new)

Corissa Buehner | 3 comments I am an avid reader of a wide variety of genres. If you don’t see it listed above, chances are I still read it. I am looking to get more beta reader experience before I start offering more paid services.

I am also a writer myself so I have a good idea of what to look for in terms of consistency, tone, voice, and more in a novel. I have a degree in Spanish literature with a minor in English so I have read all different types of books in two languages (Spanish is my second language).

Thanks for considering me for your project!

message 2: by James (new)

James Cubby | 15 comments Corissa,
My manuscript has been edited and rewritten after critique from 2 beta-readers. Would like one last look before I send it out. Let me know if you’re interested. It’s a 72,000-word YA novel called MOB TREASURE. Inspired by Mob Boss Meyer Lanksy’s rumored hiding of millions of dollars, and the hunt to find it - think Goonies meets The Godfather.

Sixteen-year-old Joey Lasky grew up on stories of mafia kingpins and hitmen from his beloved grandfather – a former mob boss, whose recent death has left him lost and sad.

Armed with a book – Treasure Island - filled with clues sent to him after his grandfather’s death, Joey and his best friend fly to Miami in search of a hidden “treasure.” Joey assembles a crew that includes his best friend, a savvy tour guide with underworld connections, and Beth - who captures his heart. The hidden “treasure” has another stakeholder, the mob itself. He needs to find the money before the mob does, and live to tell about it.

message 3: by Dana (new)

Dana (danamarquezfiction) | 4 comments Hi Corissa,

I have a script for a graphic novel. It's descriptive and I'm told it reads like an actual novel. It is about 29k. Here's my synopsis. If it interests you, please email me at

"Gwenore Hartright is invisible. She's the weird girl obsessed with monsters to every resident in Moon Danes, a middle of nowhere town. It doesn't help that she gave them a reason to hate her when she pretended to be blind for attention. That shameful moment resulted in the abduction of her best friend, Billie. Who or what took Billie is a mystery that's lasted ten years. Gwenore wants answers. When a new eccentric teacher comes along, she may get more answers than she knows what to do with."

message 4: by Ali (new)

Ali Benice | 125 comments hi Corissa. Here's my book's query:

In the year 2080, after tasting failure while playing his favourite MMORPG, 14-year-old underachiever Joe comes across a semi-translucent, sepia-coloured man in the middle of his room. Though he panics at first, he eventually figures it out, thinking that sepia man is the holographic operating system he has purchased.

Joe kicks the hologram out of his room. Before long, his mother Lina finds out that sepia man is, in fact, the spirit of Joe’s great-great-great-grandfather who died in the 1880s. He wishes to see the world and know everything that happened after his passing. By his mother’s force, Joe takes him to the submerged family bakery which was left to his father by the ghost himself. On their way, sepia man realizes that the world has gone through natural disasters and is ruled by a capitalistic dystopia. Old skyscrapers are more than halfway below the poisonous, zombie fish lurking seawater, and the sun rays are scorching. Yet still, life goes on as if everything is normal, and the consumer culture is at its peak.

Joe gets mocked by his crush, sepia man harks back to his era, and both have the worst time of their lives and deaths. The ghost soon begins to question the family about wars waged and mass-murdering atomic bombs. The duo talk about the past, books, and being let down by humanity. Joe eventually starts an uprising in his class, thinking he’s been deceived by adults about history throughout his whole life... 

A WEEKEND TRIP FROM THE AFTERLIFE is a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy, with the future, and a ghost. My works have been published thrice and awarded twice in my home country, and this book has been published in Turkey in 2014 (its rights are currently available globally). I believe my MS has similarities to John Boyne's “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket” and Terry Pratchett’s Johhny books. The dynamic between my two MCs also resembles a light version of the one between Rick and Morty.

Though comedic, my MS raises plenty of questions about the potential outcomes of adult indifference on global warming. Children of ages 11+ who pay attention to such matters would in all likelihood be interested in my novel.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ali Benice

message 5: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 57 comments Corissa wrote: "I am an avid reader of a wide variety of genres. If you don’t see it listed above, chances are I still read it. I am looking to get more beta reader experience before I start offering more paid ser..."

Hi Corissa,

Would you be interested in reading a mystery novella?
(25K words)

Premise --- A woman takes refuge in her friend's house during a hurricane and winds up being accused of a murder.

message 6: by Ackash (new)

Ackash Kumar (storiesbyackash) | 31 comments Hi, Corissa! I'm so honoured to have you read my work, if you decided to

I have two finished manuscripts that I would love to share with you. Both have similar themes, but are different in their own ways. And they are not connected directly to each other but share a bond that is as mysterious as the flow of the universe. The plot heavily revolves around the zodiac and how they mature wrapped in a very human story full of flaws and acceptance towards the end. (it's not a series, really) Hence, these books focus on the sign of the title given to them. There's some power usage as well and both these books are relatively safe (some warning for trauma, fighting, sex (mentions), alcohol abuse (mentions), swearing in one the books )

these characters are also diverse in their opinions, skin colour, race, religion, body type and others. 12 books. 12 main characters. All of them have things to fix and all have their own stories to tell.

Savannah is a 20+ year old African-American from Wichita and Yannathan is a 30+ year old Aboriginal from Australia. She has an average build from her consistent diet and relatively lazy way of life. He has a climber's body from all the stunts he's pulled in his life. They both have so much to face that even they never expected.

i hope i've given you enough to consider my manuscripts (you can pick one or both, i'm fine with it) without spoiling too much. DM me if you're interested!

message 7: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Miller | 107 comments Hi Corissa, would you be interested in a romantic suspense novel? It would contain violence, swearing, and love scenes.

It's about a female Homicide detective that is transferred to Cold Cases that once there she learns of an old murder cold case that is linked back to her family.
From the moment she re-opens the case its clear someone doesn't want it solved and will go to any means to keep it that way.


message 8: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra McDonagh | 2 comments Corissa wrote: "I am an avid reader of a wide variety of genres. If you don’t see it listed above, chances are I still read it. I am looking to get more beta reader experience before I start offering more paid ser..."

Hi Corissa,
I have a novel which may interest you called From Some Dreams, a contemporary fiction intended for audiences of dystopian novels such as Vox, Red Clocks and When She Woke. It deals with the struggle of Emily, an American lady who finds herself in an enticing relationship with an upcoming man. It's driven by current political issues of gender equality, and does contain mature themes of dominance and some violence.
Please let me know if it's something you feel you could read,
Regards, Cassy

message 9: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Wells | 20 comments Hi Corissa!
If you are still looking, my New Adult Inspirational Romance and Speculative Fiction is 60K words. I need help figuring the genre, and books/authors similar to mine. I'd also love general feedback, reaction to the ending, and insight into any parts where I might lose the reader. Thank you for your consideration! Here is my blurb-in-progress:
"It just takes a spark, Enya. You don't need to be anything more than you."

What if you found out you had a fatal disease with no cure? What if you also started having powerful visions? Are they magic, a scientific anomaly, or desperation? Newly diagnosed 18 year old Enya embarks on a cross country road trip of self discovery, finding love and spirituality along the way. But will that be enough to save her future? Join Enya as she realizes love is everything. Rich with Native American tradition and Chinese Medicine, this book is sure to enchant, its heart and soul lessons lingering long after the book is over.

Readers agree, this is one is a must-read!
★★★★★ Your characters are strong, real and true. I just love it.
★★★★★ I love the characters and settings … a wonderful writer
★★★★★ I’m loving it! I couldn’t wait to go back and read it! As I was reading it was more like I was seeing the story vs reading words off of the screen. I loved the visions, the message of love, and the reminder to choose love.
★★★★★ A beautiful story, captivating and endearing… the prose of this book was great … a really well done character arc
★★★★★ I really felt like I knew the characters personally and I’ve never read a book with a character who had a gift like that.
★★★★★ I truly believe this is the sweetest friends to lovers I’ve ever read

Inspirational and insightful, this sweet romance will keep you curious and leave you hopeful.

Learn why when Enya’s world ends, new love is just the beginning.

UpSpark is the first book in the Five Elements Series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

message 10: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 67 comments Celebrating the end of the school year, sisters Ember and Holly go on a camping trip to Mt. St. Helens National Park with their friends. Everything is fun and games until the world turns completely dark. The darkness is terrifying, but when light is restored, things get even worse. Magic and monsters have entered the world, running free to wreak havoc on every aspect of life. Surrounded by chaos and danger, the group of friends wants desperately to return to normalcy, but instead find themselves battling for their lives as they embark on a journey of survival. Throughout the ever-changing world, they must find safety and learn to fight. Will Ember, Holly, and their friends survive, and more importantly, will they learn to live with the magic or die trying?
Diego has been a soldier for less than a year, and now he’s being sent to the front lines to fight. He and his unit must save a small town from an unknown enemy, an enemy new to his world. The unit fights creatures straight out of nightmares and find they are ill-prepared. When nothing goes according to plan, Diego and a group of other surviving soldiers embark on their own journey, never imagining what lies ahead.

This is a young adult fantasy of about 82,000 words with some violence and strong language. Let me know if you would be interested.

message 11: by Scott (new)

Scott Drummond | 10 comments Hi Corissa,

I'm looking for some beta readers to give me their general impressions of the plot, characters and overall readability of my first novel. This is the fourth draft and the time has come to get another set of eyes on it.

There are 25 chapters in total and I am planning on sending them out 5 chapters at a time. I will be sharing them through google documents with a short questionnaire for you to give me your thoughts.


Here are the details:
Title: House of the Kappa (working title)
Word count: 93,000 words
Genre: General Fiction
Themes: Divorce, friendship, drug use, crime, depression, revenge, personal journey
Content Warning: Drug use, suicide attempt, sex, murder
Keiko is sick of life with her overbearing husband. Having lived in his shadow for most of her adult years, she is determined to break free and put her true potential to the test.
As she tries to spice up her life with petty acts of revenge on anyone who crosses her, she finds herself caught up in a world of drugs, crime and salted cucumbers.
The friends and enemies she makes along the way change her life forever, bringing love, laughter and sadness all served up with a twist of things uniquely Japanese.
Follow Keiko on her journey of self-discovery and as she finally begins to see there’s more to life than ironing underpants and pretending to be nice.

Thanks for reading my post and please get in touch if you have any questions.


message 12: by Anna (new)

Anna | 10 comments Hi Corissa!
Would you be interested in reading a 22k word story from the point of a rock?
Here's a little synopsis:
Gray is a cynical (and slightly pretentious) rock residing on Westside river bank. He leads a relatively normal existence, until a little girl named Andrea put him in her pocket and takes him home. Then, as the little girl goes about her daily life, both Gray and Andrea come to a realization: Maybe people aren't so scary?

message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma Caylan | 4 comments Heyo Corissa, don't know if you're still taking on projects, but I've got a small one that checks off few of your listed likes.

I have a 23k Act 1 of my current WIP that I would love to get some feedback on in terms of character chemistry, plot, and pacing.

My WIP, Cutting Your Teeth, is a Paranomal Thriller/(Slow-burn) Queer Romance with some light horror elements.

What do you do when your life is over? Burn all your bridges and be someone else, of course. This had been working fine for Ezra ever since running away from 'home'. There's no need to worry about a future when you never had one. But there's only so long anyone can run before their luck runs out and they make one too many bad choices only to end up on death's doorstep. That's where the story should end, but it doesn't. Instead of bleeding out, Ezra gets pulled back from the grave and is given a second chance. How long will this new un-life last? Is Ezra fated to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Or can he change even if he's stuck in a body that no longer will?

Ch. 1 Excerp:
A hush falls over the crowd like the calm before a storm.
His mystery match steps forward and offers a wrapped hand. After a pause, Ezra takes it. Courtesy is a rare sight in a place like this.
“Good luck to you, sunflower,” Foxface says, a touch of an Irish lilt on his tongue.
“Ezra,” he corrects. It’s an odd realization, knowing this is likely the last person he would ever give that name to.
“Killian.” His smile is light and easy, as if they were about to have a chat over drinks and not beat the everloving shit out of each other.
And like a summer shower, that moment of pleasantries passes. Each fighter steps back and stands at the ready. There’s no referee to mediate. Knockout is the only way out down here. Whatever happens between the bell and the blackout is your own problem.

Overall Content Warnings: Occasional violence, Death, Mild Body Horror, and a good amount of Blood (no gore tho)

Hope this may strike your fancy. Thank you for your consideration. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Godley | 12 comments Hi Corissa,

I am seeking a beta reader for Rock, Scissors, Paperbag an easy chapter book for children. Total: 4000 words.

The Sandlot meets The Goonies.

Every kid knows the legend of The Great Orange Tree. They say there is a magical tree in a faraway land that grows REAL orange-balls every hundred years, but it is just a story. Rock, Scissors and Paperbag, 7-year-old best friends, discover a riddle and ancient map that lead them on a wild adventure to The Great Orange Tree. The Legend is real! Paperbag, who is afraid of everything, Rock, who is seriously tough and Scissors, smart and chill have a near-disastrous brush with a cave monster, a tornado of cooties and who can forget, The Land of Smells.

Their goal? To find The Great Orange Tree to get real orange-balls for the kids of Orange Orange to play with. Only professional Orange Ball players play with real orange-balls… until today! The wacky and offbeat characters make this a worthy rendition of a perennial theme of the power of friendship. These three best friends work together and achieve the unthinkable, face their personal fears and have a blast in this hilariously fun adventure.

I am interested in knowing where the reader is confused by the plot, characters, and world-building. Anything you didn’t like? Anything that took you out of the story? And any pointers about making that first page spot on!

Reply and I can send you the book.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

message 15: by J. Lynn (new)

J. Lynn | 12 comments Hi, if you are interested in reading my YA fantasy of about 68,000 words, please PM me!
Synopsis: Assumed identity, intense PE, and people trying to kill him: Amar just can’t get a break in any world he’s in! When Amar Hassan washes up on the shore of a mysterious world, he’s assumed to be a Seer, a mystic warrior sent to liberate the Forgotten from a tyrannical king. Amar can’t even face the school football team without running away, but he’ll have to train if he wants to survive in this new world. He can’t run and hide from danger here- not with a cave full of people desperately depending on him. Or at least, that’s what he’s trying to convince himself.

message 16: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Doughty | 3 comments Hi Corissa
Are you interested in a 95K word action-crime-thriller? (No heavy violence and the hero has a perky sense of humour.) It's my second novel featuring P I John Kite. You can check out the first - The Art of Danger - on Amazon here: and see the (good) reviews of it on Goodreads here: You can also find out more about me here: Email:
Many thanks, Stuart Doughty

message 17: by Prabal (new)

Prabal Dweep | 13 comments Hi Corissa,

I have an YA Fantasy of 87,000 words I need opinion on. Below is my pitch:

When there are rumors of the sun dying, the oblivious and self-involved counts of Glendoria conspire to overthrow the King. When the ripples of the coming war reach his village, Kenneth finds himself caught in the middle of an open rebellion. He learns to use Xin—the very life-force that keeps us alive, but he is an amateur and only a boy while Lord Runon, brother to the count of Welkins, is a legendary Xin Knight who is bent on destroying everything Kenneth has ever known.

Please message me or shoot me an email at if you are interested.

Thanks and Regards

message 18: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 5 comments Hi, I would be grateful if you would be my beta reader.
Vampwriter is an paranormal urban fantasy, roughly 61K words in its complete first draft.

Writer of the popular vampire series, The Sanguinem Chronicles, Abigail Braden has a secret. She’s a ghostwriter, well, a vampwriter for Charlemagne DiBaptiste, the notorious Vampire King of Louisiana. He talks, she writes. It works for them. And after three years and two books on the bestseller list, things are going well, until they aren’t. Vampires from Charlemagne’s past have started to show up, and it seems like Charlemagne hasn’t been quite as forthcoming as Abigail’s always believed. And to make matters worse, there’s a vampire out there desperately trying to kill her. What’s a vampwriter to do?

If you're interested, please PM me.
Thank you!

message 19: by Alisa (new)

Alisa Custer | 9 comments Hi Corissa,

I am a first time writer who just finished a 92K word dual POV YA romance. I would love to hear your opinion on it.

The first time Olivia met Colin, the aggressive bash of guitars and fuck-off lyrics of I’m Not a Loser blared through the speakers of her mom’s old green Passat. The first time they kissed, the smoldering hypnotic beat of Fire in Cairo filled the air of Colin’s darkened bedroom. Each chapter of Olivia and Colin’s deep dive into first love was indelibly marked by music.

Sixteen-year-old Olivia didn’t want to fit in, but she did want to be accepted. When the most coveted guy in school approached her on the sidewalk and asked to hear the song she was listening to, she thought it was a trap, but when he leaned in closer and smiled, she longed to trust him. She introduced him to her family and took him to punk shows, and when he helped her face the reality of her estranged father’s bipolar disorder, she let down her last wall and fell in love with him. But just as that love became unconditional, he pushed her away and left her feeling like it had been a trap after all.

Colin tried to outrun the feelings of worthlessness that his mother’s suicide drowned him in, but a string of drunken hook-ups and his refusal to face the truth left him numb. Olivia’s gentle acceptance made him feel loved again, but when his father threatened to send him back to England to live with his grandparents, his self-doubt resurfaced and sabotaged the only thing that made him feel whole. He tried to push her away for her own good instead of revealing his true feelings, but rather than telling him to go to hell like he thought she would, she made him a mixtape of all the songs they shared throughout their seven-month relationship. But was she offering him forgiveness or a vivid reminder of what he had lost?

Please let me know if you would be interested. Thanks!

message 20: by Gary (new)

Gary (ghindhaughwriter) | 7 comments Hi there,
I have a YA/coming of age/adventure/scifi (easy to categorise, obviously!) in the style of Douglas Adams. It's approx 80,000 words. If you are still available/interested, please mail me and I can give you more details.

message 21: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Walker | 22 comments Corissa wrote: "I am an avid reader of a wide variety of genres. If you don’t see it listed above, chances are I still read it. I am looking to get more beta reader experience before I start offering more paid ser..."

Hey Corissa,

Do you like poetry? I have a short 3 chapter poetry book that tells a love story, if you would be interested please email me at
thank you :)

message 22: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Anderson (lindsaydee) | 2 comments I’m so excited at the possibility of working with you!
This is my first time reaching out to beta readers and I am looking forward to diving in.

My book IMOGEN (working title) is Jane Eyre with a twist. Imogen is a high concept romance following the modern woman who must rescue the one she loves through ingenuity and business sense at the risk of losing him completely.

The hope is to make a book that speaks to the working woman and avoids typical romance tropes while still being a slow burn.

Word count is 136,271 which is long for the genre, and novels in general. I’m hoping for advice on where to trim down.

Imogen Hales is sure to reinvent herself in college from the antisocial and painfully shy girl of her youth. Despite her best efforts, her peers see through her mask, finding her to be everything she is running from.
After tragedy leaves her homeless and without funds to continue her education, Imogen must find a way to pick herself up and discover who she is instead of the image she hides behind.
Landing her dream career at Ambient Technologies, she thinks she has at last proven her worth. After a frightening first encounter, she is pulled deep within the interest of Dylan Ransier, the elusive self made CEO. Dylan keeps his secrets close but as time progresses, a dangerous presence of his past grows tired of being hidden in the shadows, preparing to destroy him, his entire company, and everyone in its way.

Please let me know if Imogen is something you are interested in beta reading!


message 23: by Gail (new)

Gail Kibby White | 1 comments Hi Corissa, I'm a newbie writer. I found I loved writing late in life. I'm writing cozy/mystery/suspense novels and fantasy short stories. I just turned 85. Of course, I feel like my stories are good, but then again, I'm predjudiced. LOL That's why I need an honest opinion. Below I've copied part of Chapter 1 of my first novel i hope to publish in November or December this year. The title is Warning! Cave Exploration Forbidden about three children lost in a cave inhabited by drug dealers. The search is filled with twists and red herrings with a surprise ending. I'd love your opinion. My bio and the URL to my Blog are here in GoodReads. This is my first post. I hope I'm doing this right. If not, please let me know. Gail Kibby White
“Why do the parents assume their two youngsters disobeyed and went off to explore the dangerous foothill caves? Are they certain they’re not just wandering around the campground? Have they checked the playground and the pool area?”
Phoenix Police Chief Danial Akumo leaned forward in his leather swivel armchair. Holding his cell phone to his ear, he listened closely as Jeffrey Sooner, Jr. explained the purpose of the call. As the owner of the nearby Sooner Campground, during seasonal camping in the spring and fall, Jeff Sooner had occasion to call the Chief at the substation of the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department. Children or adults lost in the caves, narcotic overdoses, thefts, accidents, and fights were the usual reasons for the calls.
Chief Akumo cringed as a chill came over him. He grimaced and shifted in his chair as his mind flashed back to that fateful day several years before when he received a similar request. Jeff called, asking for help in the search for three pre-teen boys lost in these same caverns. The Chief and his partner, Officer Calvin Mauer, searched the vast dark labyrinth for twelve days before they made a grim discovery.
They found the boys deep in one of the many tunnels. The three pale, stiff bodies were sitting on the damp dirt floor, heads leaning together, their backs against the cold, rough-hewn stone wall. They still held hands. Cell phones and flashlights with lifeless batteries lie in their laps. Open dust-covered Batman, Harry Potter, and Star Trek backpacks lie nearby. Empty plastic water bottles and torn paper wrappers that once held candy bars and assorted snacks littered the floor.
Their open eyes stared vacantly down the passageway as though they still expected someone to appear and rescue them. Any previous attempts to cry out had reverberated through the shafts and faded away days ago. Tee-shirts and jeans on the three lifeless bodies infested with holes and teeth marks served as evidence that rodents and insects had begun their sacrilegious desecration. The stench of decomposing flesh permeated the air.
The sight of those children and the smell of death haunted Chief Akumo and Officer Mauer to this day.
Seated at his gray metal desk in the back left corner of the concrete block substation, Chief Akumo tilted his head, placed his elbow on the desktop, and rested his cheek on a fisted hand. Steam and the aroma of freshly brewed morning coffee rose from the dark-blue Police Department mug on a coaster in front of him. An open laptop computer occupied space to his right with the police department logo displayed in the center of the screen.
As the police chief listened, his black eyebrows bowed toward the center of his forehead. Worry creases formed. His dark black eyes narrowed with growing concern as he sighed out loud.
He cleared his throat and in a deep, gravelly voice with a western drawl, Akumo responded, “Uh-huh. Uh-huh. How old are they, Jeff?” Pause…
“I see. So there are three children, a ten-year-old boy, a twelve-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl. I thought you said the parents told you it was their son and daughter that were missing. Who is the second boy?”
“The third child is a boy who is also staying in the campground with his father and uncle. As of now, we don’t know his last name. Mr. Roystat said his son just met the boy last night at the family barbeque. I hope to be able to give you more details about him when you get here.”
“Okay. Understood. So it’s just the three children. They’re alone, right?” Pause…
“As far as Mr. and Mrs. Roystat are aware of, yes, the three children are alone.”
“I see. How long has it been since the parents realized the children were missing and reported to you?” Another brief pause…
As Chief Akumo heard Jeff’s response, he drew in a deep breath and blew it out between clenched teeth, producing a faint hissing sound. His lips pursed in anger.
He raised his voice and said, “Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Three kids have been missing for almost three hours, they’re only seven, ten, and twelve years old, and they’re in those dangerous caves all alone? Did I hear you right?”
When Mr. Sooner responded in the affirmative, the Chief sat bolt upright, smacking the palm of his hand on the desktop. The impact caused the mug of hot coffee to jump, slopping some of its contents onto the coaster and desk blotter. The sound reverberated in the quiet room.
Officer Mauer sat behind his desk across the room, completing reports on his laptop. Startled, he stopped typing and glanced over at the Chief.
“Okay, Jeff. We’ll grab our gear and head on over there right away. See you in about thirty. Bye.”
As Chief Akumo ended the call, Officer Mauer frowned and asked, “What’s up, Chief? Trouble at the Sooner Campground again?”
Akumo reached over and closed his laptop computer as he grunted his response, “Three kids have gone missing. Jeff Sooner and the parents fear they may have gone exploring in the caves. I’ll explain the details in the car on the way there.”

message 24: by Aurialis (new)

Aurialis  (aurialis) | 16 comments Hii. My book is a mix of few genres - Adult fiction, mystery, romance. I am only asking for a beta read for the first chapter of about 2800 words.

In the first chapter, you will be introduced to the main character Ava and some insight in her daily life. She lives in a small town.

If you are interested, let me know and I will forward you my draft. Thanks

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