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West Bloomfield Twp. Public Library (wblibrary) | 47 comments Mod
How do you think Cussy feels when she is ostracized at the Independence Day celebration, despite her change of skin color?

Can you relate to her feelings of isolation? Do you think these kinds of racial prejudices are still prevalent today?

message 2: by Erica (new)

Erica Zutz | 19 comments I think we’ve all felt on the outs for some reason or another in our lives. My heart went out to Cussy. I think we all feel the need to belong. Does prejudice still exist today definitely, the only reason people say it doesn’t is because with the exception of a few people we decided as a society a long time ago that overt racism was not acceptable. Unfortunately in recent years we have had a rise in hate crimes. It is unfortunate to see we have and haven’t come so far. Fortunately I cannot say that I have ever face prejudice in my life not that I can recall. I have felt isolation before when I moved to Michigan I didn’t know anyone (5 years ago now) but not having friends was tough for the first year or so. I think we can all feel the pinch of some level of isolation with this pandemic. I think it is a contributing factor to some of the outrageous incidents we have seen in the news lately.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I totally agree with you, Erica. This pandemic certainly has made us all experience some, or a lot, of isolation issues.
And I believe there are still a great number of racial stereotypes and prejudices out there.

West Bloomfield Twp. Public Library (wblibrary) | 47 comments Mod
I agree 100% that racial stereotypes & prejudices still exist today. In the book I feel like it didn't matter what color Cussy was, she was judged either way.

As far as isolation goes, this pandemic has certainly been an experience. I think I'm handling isolation just fine one day and then the next day it's a completely different story! I hope you ladies are hanging in there!

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