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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments After returning to her pack, Luna instructed the warriors to take Wyatt to the dungeon unharmed and leave him there. Only one guard was to be posted in front of his cell. No one was to harm him in any way until she returned. After taking a quick shower, a change of clothes, she had her way down to the dungeon. This place gave her the creeps and she hated that anyone should be locked inside one of this room. No matter how much she hated it, nothing could be changed about it. She spotted her warrior standing guard at Wyatts cell and dismissed him. She seat down on a chair located near the opposite wall and waited.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 457 comments Mod
(Is she in the cell with him?)

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments ( Oh I was thinking she is waiting outside his cell)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 457 comments Mod
Wyatt woke up fighting. He still remembered that he was fighting for his life just before being knocked out. When he looked around quickly he noticed he was in a cell. Quickly he leaped to his feet. His mind trying to find ways to get out of the small enclosure. When his gaze landed on Luna sitting outside his cell, he growled. Walking up to the bars, he went to touch them but a sting burning sensation had him pulled away to look at his hands. "What is this?" he asked no one. He didn't know that werewolves could be damage by silver as his father and mother had only told him to be caution around bullets.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Luna waited silently for Wyatt to wake up. Her mind wondering on the things he questioned her about. Once he was awake, he came to fighting, just like she knew he would. Everyone ever bought here, tired to fight first. That didn`t last long, being locked in a small place, unable to get away, broke any wolf down. She didn`t want to break Wyatt, but until he calmed down and leaned to trust her, she would have to keep him here. Her eyes widen and she shot to her feet as he touched the bars. Silver was used in making cells for wolves. One weakness that could easily kill them
˝ Silver is infused in the bars, you better not touch them.˝ she warned him as she took a step closer to the bars, still keeping her distance˝ Now calm down, no one is going to hurt you.˝

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"What the hell does silver being infused in the bars have to do with this burn mark on my hands?" Wyatt looked up at Luna. A glare was in his eyes. This cell was annoying him. He didn't belong here. He begin to pace back and forth like a cage animal. He had to do something to keep his mind from focusing on the fact that he would rot away in this cell. He noticed she didn't come to close to the cell bars. Smart move. For if she had: he would have grabbed her and forced her to release him. "Tsk as if Ill believe that. What are you going to do to me? Leave me to rot here or torture me for your own games?" He paused in front of hers briefly before pacing again.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Her eyes widen as she realized he had no idea. No idea what silver could do to them, just how much he could be injured by just a small exposure to it.
˝ Wait, you seriously don`t know about silver˝ she asked, not believing him.
How could he not know about such an important thing. Since she was little, it was one of the things drilled inside her head. Well that and hunting.
She watched him pace and sighed, she was in for a ride with him. He not only didn`t trust her but hated her, she couldn`t blame him but still
˝ Stop painting me like some horrible killer, I`m not a monster˝ she growled at him annoyed

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"Silver is just silver." Wyatt contiuned to pace. He was frustrated, angry, and a little depressed. At her comment to stop pacing he turned his head to look at her, but he went on pacing. If it annoyed her even a little it was satisfying to him. At least he could get that out of this situation he was in. Stopping abruptly he grabbed the bars again only to winced at the burning sensation. "Groaning he threw his hands in the air. "You can't leave me here to rot! I don't deserve that." He looked down at his burned hands again. The pain was sting now. He sat down where he was crossing his legs and staring at his hands. He didn't understand why he was here nor what she wanted with him. "Where's the guy that hit me by the way?" He wanted to punch the guy that knocked him out in the guts for knocking him out.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments ˝Stop touching the bars. Silver can kill you, how can you not know that?˝ she snaps at him because he won`t listen. Luna hated seeing people getting hurt on purpose, because they wouldn`t listen. It made her angry. Her gaze set down on his hands and she sighed, his hands were already burned by the silver. She watched him sit down and she took a step closer. If he made an attempt to grab her the bars would stop him and she was confident enough that she was fast to move out of the way
˝I`m not leaving you to rot, stop making stuff up already and listen to me. I want you to join our pack, we could use a strong fighter like you.˝
She tilled her head at his next question, knowing fully well why he was asking ˝ Erick was only listening to my order, leave him alone.˝

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Wyatt looked up at her. "Silver can't kill me," he said in a matter of fact way. "Only bullets can. Whatever magic you did to those bars is pretty cool, but it won't work." He looked back at his hands. As she spoke he pouted slightly. He just knew he was right about pack wolves. His parents had told him to steer clear of them. Then he saw them with his own eyes take his kid brother away. Looking around he noticed he was the only one in the cells, so that meany his brother wasn't here. Looking up at her out the top of his eyes, he said, "Your preicous Erick hit me really hard. I intent to repay for his kindness." He carefully lowered his hands to his lap. "And I'm not making stuff up. You want me to join this pack for what? To read my memories and than torture me until I'm dead. You can't trick me Pack Wolf.,

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments This was getting nowhere. Luna could see that. It didn`t matter what she said to him, he wasn`t listening to her. If he wouldn`t listen then maybe if she showed him. " Silver hurts me just like it hurts you." she reached for the bars of his cell. Her fingers lingering, hesitating for a second before she grabbed the bars. The burning sensation in her hand was instant and she winced in pain, pulling her hand back and cradling it to her chest .
" If you don`t believe me, then believe this." She turned the palm of hand towards him. A red burn mark marred on the skin of her hand.
She couldn`t understand where all this hate and distrust was coming from. Rouge wolfs didn`t like pack life, that was true but most of the were willing to give it a chance. He on the other hand, didn`t even want to hear it, it seemed like he thought that packs were some kind of monsters.
" Leave Eric alone please. If you want to hit someone, then hit me but nobody is going to hurt you here." she tried to explain again " Also I have a name. I`m not a monster or a pack wolf or whatever else you are thinking. My name is Luna."

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Wyatt was silent for a few minutes. Her hand had the same burn mark as his. Could silver really be dangerous to a wolf, he wondered. Shaking his head, he scooted until he had his back to her. He felt conflicted. Does she really need someone like me? Why should I join anyway? He looked over his right shoulder at her. "So far it seem like you are speaking the truth, but I can't really depend on that. You pack wolves are known for killing wolves like me." He thought about his brother. If he stayed he could search the packs up close for him without having to sneak his way in. "Give me one reason why I should trust you?"

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Luna kept silent as he turned his back on her. This wasn`t working, no matter what she did, he just would listen to her. She was about to give up and leave. Maybe if I give him some space... her thoughts were interrupted and she perked up at his words
" If we wanted to kill you, we would have done so in the forest" she said as a matter of fact
Her hand reached into her back pocket of her jeans. Her father would call her an idiot for because of what she was about to do. It wasn`t a smart move, but she took a chance anyways. She tossed the thing in her hand inside it cell. It made metallic sound as it landed near him. A key. She just tossed him the key of his cell
" Because I`m trusting you right now."

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Whether he wanted to admit it or not, she was right. They could have easily finished him off in the forest when they knocked him out. Bring him back to the pack just to try to get him to join, that couldn't be right. Pack wolves killed wolves like him. He looked down at his hands. Hearing the clang of something metal, he looked to his right. Hearing her words that followed and seeing the key next to him his eyes widen. He looked back at her only to look at the key. What was this? She couldn't be serious. But... He reached over and took the key between his wounded fingers. Rising to his feet, he turned and approached the cell door. He watched her as he inserted the key and turned the locked. With his shirt wrapped around his fingers he pulled open the door. "Well. What now?"

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments As soon as the cell doors opened, Luna backed away. She didn`t fully trust him just yet so keeping a distance was best. Just because she let him out of the cell didn`t mean her guard would just drop. He was still a rouge and didn`t trust her. She would have to be careful around him for now.
" We should get those hands treated. You can heal on your own but it will take longer." she glanced at his hands. That had to be painful, she only touched the bars for a second but she could still feel the sting on her hand. He must be feeling the pain much worst.

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Wyatt didn't look away from Luna. He couldn't believe she had let him out. For someone who captured him she sure was trustworthy. Too bad trustworthy could get you killed in the wild. Her putting distance between them didn't go unnoticed by Wyatt. It seem she didn't quite trust him like she said. After a moment of staring at her, he said, "Lead the way Pack Wolf."

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