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Yale Herald: The rooms where the student newspaper is compiled and then produced. Comprises of an office and darkroom for producing photographs. The Yale Herald is released on a weekly basis in paper and online format.

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The rooms smelled like old books, ink and dusty shelves. Though there could be no dust on the shelves because this was Yale right? Jace sneezed once and then continued on his way to the back of the room, there was a dark room there and he needed to get his pictures out, he'd left them there the day before, hanging up. He felt safe doing so since he'd seen no one else around the rooms for days. Jace was wearing a long sleeved, button down shirt, it had little ducks on it, though you couldn't make them out unless you got real close,it was untucked, he paired it with a pair of jeans and some comfortable running shoes, which may have looked odd to some, but made total sense to him.

It took a few moments for Jace's eyes to adjust once he was in the dark room, he blinked several times, and began taking down the pictures, putting them in a neat pile. He wasn't going to bother getting a good look at them until he was out of the room, he would peruse his last takes in the city back in the main office. Once he'd gathered all of the prints he walked back out of the room and carefully closed the door, never leave a dark room open, his uncle had taught him that. Jace went to an empty desk and spread out the pictures before him. Some were of strangers in Central Park, while others were of a bird here, or an old building there. Jace paid special attention to the girls that were jogging, none of them looked right. They weren't what he was looking for. Jace felt frustrated, he'd spend all summer looking for the next girl that would be a part of his life, to no avail. He was determined that Yale would have what he needed, he took a deep breath, calming himself. He would not let this ruin his day. Jace began categorizing the pictures by subject and choosing which ones he thought might be good to keep for other projects.

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Holly had spent much of the morning unpacking and organising her belongings into her pokey little room in Davenport college. She was the first of her roommates to arrive and had cleaned the place from top to bottom before finding homes for the things she'd brought with her. It wasn't much, just as much as she could get in a suitcase. Her dad had offered to do the sixteen hour drive but Holly had opted to fly instead, preferring to spend some time on her own instead of listening to her dad prattle on for over half a day. She hung the last of her clothes in her closet and ran a brush through her messy hair.

Holly doubted there was much to do this early in the semester, she'd wanted to get here early to explore the town first and get to know her way around. After deliberating for a couple of minutes, and realising that her roommates wouldn't be arriving in the immediate future, she opted to go for a look around the campus. Her walk took her past Beinecke Plaza and the sweeping Harkness Tower, into the halls of main building and eventually to a room with Yale Herald printed on the door.

She pushed it open and stepped inside. It smelled like the library back at her old high school, but it looked like something out of Harry Potter. Holly had intended to join the student newspaper when alumni week came about, but it didn't hurt to have a look first. She walked past rows of archived papers, dusty boxes and an old printing press. It took until she reached the centre of the room to realise she wasn't alone. "I'm sorry," Holly blurted, a hand clutched to her pounding heart. "I didn't see you there."

He was older than her by a year or two, leanly built with hollow blue eyes. His hands were poised over a number of photographs that were laid out on the desk. "Are you a photographer, for the Herald? I'm planning on signing up," she told him.

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There was a particular still, a girl in Times Square, she was gazing up at the buildings that surrounded her, with wonder on her face. It was a good shot, he would have to find a use for it, setting that one in the upper left corner of the desk he reached for another photo when he heard a voice. Jace glanced up, brows furrowed for a moment, how had he not heard someone walk in? He must have been really intrigued by his own photographs, that or someone was quiet as a mouse. He relaxed his features and gave a girl a genuine smile, trying to make her feel more at ease, she looked like she'd seen a ghost, he'd been called worse.

"Yes, I am actually," He answered her question casually as if they hadn't just met. Jace was good at putting people at ease around him, coercing them into trusting him even if they barely knew him. The air in the room was thick, Jace moved from his place behind the desk and walked closer to the mysterious girl. So they would be working at the Herald together? Interesting. "What do you like to write about?" He asked. Maybe they could team up on some assignments, if she was interested. "I was just going through some pictures from over the summer, do you want to take a look?" He hurried on before she could reply from his first question, he gestured back to the one desk that wasn't toppling over with piles of stuff.

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Holly returned his smile with a small one of her own, pleased that he didn't seem to mind her intruding on his work. She wasn't exactly looking to make enemies on her first day. "Oh cool," she replied as he informed her that he did in fact work for the Herald. It would be helpful to have someone who knew the ropes and could show her around. "I'd love to see your photos," she said, following him back around the desk to where he'd laid them all out. Holly found herself smiling as she looked over the glossy images, most of them taken in New York. "These are beautiful," she told him, tucking her hair behind her ear and leaning in for a closer look. "You spent summer in New York?" she asked rhetorically.

There was one photo that drew her eye. A woman in central park, holding a camera herself and photographing something out of shot. "I like this one," Holly said. "It's like the hunter becomes the hunted." She smiled and let her gaze drift over the remaining photographs. Already she could see them fitting into the neat columns of a newspaper, he was definitely talented. "In high school, I covered film and book releases, social events that sort of thing," she went on, "I enjoyed doing it, but I'm kind of tired of fluff pieces. I want to write about something real, the nitty gritty stuff, you know?" Perhaps she was getting ahead of herself. Honestly, she would have been happy if they took her on at all. Even writing fluff pieces about the Yale social calendar had to be better than nothing. "I'm Holly by the way, Holly Keene," she said extending her hand to him.

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Following her back over to the desk Jace paid special attention to her movements and the emotions that flitted across her dainty face. She seemed to appreciate his work, also she seemed to know what to look for in the photographs. She picked one up that he hadn’t really picked out as anything special. He tried to look at it from her perspective. He enjoyed her wording more than he should have, the hunter becoming the hunted. How would that feel? Jace shook off his thoughts mentally, paying attention to the girl that was a hairs breath away from him, they were each bent over the photographs as if the most intricate butterfly was placed there and they were inspecting every angle of it. So she wanted to write something real? Something one could sink their teeth into? Jace could understand that, he folded his arms over his chest and smiled at her,

“You’ve come to the right place. Yale, the place of drama, haunted alleyways, and an elite society that you may or may not be privy to spend time with.” He liked her spirit, he could see them working on projects together already. “Pleasure to meet you Holly,” he shook her hand and took a step towards the windows, he looked out. “I’m Jace, I’ll be glad to help out where I can.” He looked over his shoulder towards her, wondering how this girl could play out in his life. Jace was always calculating his next move. “Last year our biggest story was about how the swim team stuffed their Speedo’s, I think you can do better than that,” Jace threw her an encouraging wink. Wouldn’t it be wild if they came up with a real story? Made the students buzz with their headlines, maybe be a little afraid? We’re there things that still went bump in the night at Yale? Jace thought so, but some disagreed with him. “We should team up, dig deeper, there must be some secrets still hiding in this old place,” His suggestion might have been a bit soon, but Jace liked to get right to the point. And he liked this Holly girl, she seemed like she was serious and wanted to write a real story, not some propaganda the school cooked up and approved of.

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In truth Holly didn't know much about photography, but she'd spent so much of her school life delving into newspapers and journals that she'd come to realise the kind of photographs that drew attention. Her brows shot up as Jace made mention of the societies on campus. Holly didn't know the societies were still running, her brother had made it sound like they'd all shut down years ago. Whenever she'd asked about them he'd always been quick to change the subject. But now Jace spoke of them as if there was something of interest there, something that might be worth writing about. "I always thought the societies were an urban legend," she said, setting down another photo she'd been admiring.

Holly joined Jace at the window, resting her elbows against the ledge. She had to laugh at the speedos story, even if it was disappointing to hear that such an article had garnered the most attention on campus. It reminded her of high school, of the hours she'd spent pouring into causes she actually cared about, only for the student newspaper to scrap it in favour of judging the looks at the met gala. She smiled at Jace. "I'd like that," she said. Perhaps it was too soon to forge such an allegiance, but Holly quite liked the idea of teaming up with someone who shared her interests. Someone who wanted to look beyond the gothic arches of Yale and see what else was hiding in the shadows.

She glanced across at him, for a moment she'd almost considered mentioning her brother. James leaving so suddenly had always seemed strange to Holly, for others it didn't invoke such suspicion. But then most people didn't know James the way she did. Holly frowned at the green beyond the window, watching a few students wander past. "What do you know about the societies?" she asked suddenly.

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Jace wondered how this girl Holly would play a part in the grand scheme of things, it would be nice to have someone on his side. He doubted that she would be though, no one was on his side, it was just him. Jace held back a sigh, things could turn around, couldn't they? He could have friends couldn't he? Holly agreed to being his partner, he turned fully to face her, smiling mischievously. Then she went on to ask about the societies and his face went slack as he pondered the question. It wasn't that he was going to hold back information, it was that he didn't have that much to go on. People talked, people always talked, there were hints of secrets and meetings, people gathering at odd hours, his hunches on what was really going on. Would she be interested in what he had to say? He seemed to have her rapt attention, what was her interest in the societies? Did she want to be a part of them? Did she want to write a piece about them?

"Not much, just rumors really. I mean I've heard things, people say things in hallways when they think you're not paying attention," Jace shrugged as if this was something that happened all the time to him. "At parties, they sometimes talk about clandestine meetings or strange happenings, nobody says anything too concrete but I have my hunches," Jace knew something deeper was happening, he could feel it in his bones. But he felt that people would look at him funny if he told them what he thought, so he kept his thoughts to himself and went about his days alone and investigating what he could on his own. Now though he might have someone else beside him, Holly. Was she trustworthy? Probably not, but what choice did he have? "Pay attention to letters being passed back and forth in class, the shared looks between the prettiest boys and girls, notice that people seemingly have hangovers the next morning but no one heard of a party. There has to be something more to it, and if you ask around about the societies people either shut up real quick and walk away, or they treat you like you're crazy and change the subject as quickly as possible." Jace gave her a pointed look, "What's your interest in the societies?"

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Holly lifted a brow. "What kind of hunches?" she asked, curious as to what he meant. The societies were a mystery to her. A playground for legacy students, wealthy heirs and celebrity offspring. She didn't know much beyond what she'd read on the Wikipedia and a few internet forums, even those didn't give her much to go on. Holly shared Jace's suspicion though, it felt as though there was something more happening behind closed doors. She could recall a moment at dinner the year before where her brother had said something about not trusting them, and for some reason it had stuck with her. Now James was gone, studying in some monastery in the French mountains and she was here trying to make sense of why he would leave so suddenly.

"That's weird," she agreed, her eyes not straying from the window. Jace's next question cut a little too close to home, she didn't know him and she wasn't about to bring up her brother to someone she'd just met. "They just seem like a mystery that's waiting to be uncovered," Holly said, glancing across at him. "On the train from the airport I heard some students - at least I think they were students - talking about how they wanted to be approached this year." She shrugged. "I just find it fascinating how people are so keen to join a club they know nothing about." Holly wasn't sure what she'd do if someone asked her to come along to a clandestine meeting in some grotty old building on campus. But she was pretty sure she wouldn't be jumping at the idea of going along.

"Where are you from Jace?" She asked, happy to change the subject onto something else.

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Holly seemed like an intelligent girl, Jace felt himself being drawn to her in a way that was different from his other, erm, fascinations, loves of his life, people he couldn't stop thinking about. She seemed like someone he could actually put his faith in as she shot off her own questions about his hunches, and spoke about what she knew of the societies.

Thoughtful, Jace drummed his fingers against his pant leg, "You may find me completely off the wall crazy, but here goes," Jace leaned towards her slightly, like they were sharing a secret that no one else could be allowed in on, "There really are things that go bump in the night here. There are odd noises, and weird power outages, there are cliques that do not make a lick of sense, and people that share strange looks in between doorways or under arches. There are stories of people going to certain parties and never being seen again, yet where are the police investigations? There are none, they all but vanish. Trust me, I've looked. There are no police reports about the missing students on campus, you will occasionally hear rumors about how some student got knocked off by a ghost and has disappeared, or that some student or another randomly decided to go backpacking in Brazil. Yet no one hears anything back about them. They seem to fall off of their social medias as well. Very strange, very strange happenings." Jace straightened back up and shrugged, "But hey, who am I to speculate? I'm just a photographer, right?" Jace sighed after his longwinded speech. He hadn't meant to go on for so long, but hell he hadn't had anyone to discuss with and here was someone actually listening to him! Jace added, "I'm from New Jersey by the way. Though I've spent a lot of time in New York too and prefer it. What about you?"

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