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message 1: by Bet (last edited May 19, 2020 06:34AM) (new)

Bet (windupsouvenir) | 6 comments Hi! Requesting for the correction of this quote that I had just added:

It should be a dialogue between two people so there has to be open and close quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of both paragraphs.

I would also like to add the title of the prose where it came from: “The Psychoanalysis of Edward the Dyke” (although I did read this on “The Stonewall Reader”, where the prose is published as one of the chapters).

Lastly, can “homosexuality,” “lesbian,” and “love” be added as tags?

So sorry for the many requests. Haven’t added a quote in a while and got excited to share this one.

Thank you!

message 2: by sam (new)

sam (obsessingovercommas) | 48 comments Done!

(I'm assuming that you meant "Edward the Dyke and Other Poems" for the source, as that's the only book I could find that contained the poem.)

message 3: by Bet (new)

Bet (windupsouvenir) | 6 comments Thank you so much!

I see. Not so sure about the book of poems as I read this from another book called The Stonewall Reader, which had this poem as one of its chapters. Thank you again!

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