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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)
The philosophers stone

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#Emily Hutson  | 10 comments Mod
What do you think about this book? I think it is my least favourite in the whole series!

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Jay | 1 comments Really?! I always love the first book of every series... But it's your opinion. :)

#Emily Hutson  | 10 comments Mod
:) thanks! why do you like this book exactly?

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~Professor Blake~ wrote: "I think it's ok, my favorite was the Order of the Phoenix."


Hayden | 12 comments Same

Hayden | 12 comments We need more topics

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the mod just dipped ig

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I'd like to be a model so I can create new discussions ,folders and polls...can someone make me

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#Emily Hutson  | 10 comments Mod
Errrmmm... ok first off, yes i agree that the order of the Phoenix is great, but not my favourite. look at my review on it to see why! sencond, I am the moderator. if you want some new discussions, just say please. Finally, thank you all for joining this group! (wait... that feels like it should be first...) :D

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