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Campus Library and Reading Rooms: This is where students can come to study and gather resources for their work. There are a number of areas available for quiet reading and a huge number of books that can be borrowed if necessary.

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Mrs. Lachowsky gave Devon such hell for her academic imperfection on her first year at college: Devon, why did you nearly get a B+ on Microeconomics? Mom, I literally enrolled to Intermediate course already. Your brother had no problem with that, he still got an A. I STILL got an A, too? I don't want to argue about this, Devon. See? Hell on earth. Devon couldn't wait to go back to college, although the irony of her seeking asylum here didn't lost on her, because here came another year of escaping her relentlessly perfection-obsessed family.

Frankly, the more they pushed Devon, the more she was going to riot.

New academic year was about to start and that meant the 'welcome back, folks!' edition of student newspaper. They were going to cover all the events on the first week of school year, and Devon was tasked to write an introductory-like article, which she supposedly finished yesterday because today was the deadline. But she was still back at her house yesterday and her home environment made it impossible for her to be creative. They were ruining her writing juice.

Laser focused to the screen of her laptop, Devon slowly grinned as she reached the last paragraph or her article: '...flying pork cutlets, a drag queen, a “dog god” and actors fighting over a placenta in a plastic bag...' she wrote, and few minutes later she hit that period button so hard as a way to congratulate herself. She had done with her articles and it only took her... What? One and a half hour to write? Devon was truly good at working under pressure, wasn't she?

After finishing the article, she send it through email, closed her laptop, and then leaned back to her chair as she sip the coffee she'd brought with her to the library. It had been cold, Devon forgot to actually drink it.

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Jo was walking under archways and examining the unique architecture that was Yale. She was in awe of its old-world beauty, she'd seen nothing like it, except maybe in photographs online. She was exploring the campus while waiting for her parents to show up with her things. She'd driven up ahead of them, by several hours actually, because she wanted to get a look at the campus without them chirping in her ear about how wonderful it was. She wanted to make her own decisions about what she thought the campus was and how it would influence her life. So far she loved it, there were plenty of spaces that would work perfectly for her to sit down and sketch, maybe bring a small easel out and paint. She could imagine herself sitting beneath one of the large trees and having a picnic, hopefully not alone, maybe she'd make friends quickly? She'd never really had anyone around her besides her cousins, and they were certainly her best of friends, but this would be different, wouldn't it? With trusting people that she didn't know with her heart? Would they break it? Probably, but maybe one or two would treasure it and they would be kindred spirits, like Anne talked about in Anne of Green Gables, one of her favorite books.

Jo stopped in front of a large building, it was a library according to the plaque. She rose a brow, she wondered how many books she'd never read were in there. Her mom was big on reading, Jo enjoyed it too, just not as much as her art. She would read and then paint what she interpreted the characters to look like, or a particular scene that she favorited. Jo put her slender fingers around the handle of the door and opened it, she was hit with the scent of books, a welcoming scent. She stepped in, letting the door close behind her. The library looked old, as much of the campus did. She went wandering down aisles, past the front desk, until she found herself looking at a girl tucked into the corner, she was at a desk sipping what could be coffee, but also possibly tea. Or hot cocoa? Jo didn't know if the details mattered all that much because she was looking at the as if she'd just stepped out of a fairy tale. She was beautiful, certainly beautiful enough to have been a princess in a faraway land, perhaps needing rescuing. Jo's fingers itched to sketch her right then, she appeared satisfied for who knows what reason, a laptop in front of her. Maybe she'd just written a novel, wouldn't that be something to be satisfied about? Jo's imagination was getting out of hand, and she was staring, which her dad would certainly say was rude. Her cheeks blossomed pink, she felt like ducking behind a shelf, but that would be rude too, wouldn't it? Instead she took a few steps towards the other student and waved awkwardly, trying to gain her attention.

"Hello?" She posed it as a question, why had she done that? Jo cleared her throat, "I mean hi, um, not meaning to bother you, just... I didn't want to sneak up on you. I was looking around and saw you, but I didn't want to just pass by and not say hi, or accidentally scare you, I get scared easily when I don't know someones behind me, or beside me for that matter, and now I'm rambling so I'm going to just shut up now," Jo was fidgeting with her hands as she spoke and kept focusing on the girl in front of her and the ground, because was it too much to keep eye contact? She and her cousins believed if you couldn't keep eye contact you were being deceitful, but not everyone thought that way and some were uncomfortable with too much eye contact, so she was working on not doing that as often.

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Devon's family didn't exactly support her extracurricular choice: newspaper, and moreover comedy club. They ought to prefer her taking something that could've made her more of a person of value, whatever that meant, rather than wasting her time on things she wouldn't use once she graduated. They were against it, the only thing Devon was remotely good at and they scrutinised her for it. Especially her mother. She was out of scale, larger than life. She was like a fairy story where size is approximate and unstable. She loomed up. She expanded. Only later, much later, too late, did Devon understand how. She was borne up on the shoulders of her own outrage.

Devon tried to explain what she had hoped to do. She was an ambitious writer, Devon didn't see the point of being anything; not anything at all if you have no ambition for it, and she was trying to get away from the received idea that women always write about ‘experience’, the compass of what they know, while men write wide and bold, the big canvas, the experiment with form. Had her brother showed interest in creative writing like Devon, bet nobody in the family would've gave him hard time for it. Those things made Devon angry.

Focus on your study so you can get a job that'll led you to a man with good reputation and prospective career. Even as a potential Ivy League graduate, they wanted her to end as nothing but a good housewive who could help her children with any homework. Being a writer made her prone to debate. Nobody needed a woman who insisted to make her points be heard.

Why could there not be the observed and the imagined? Why should a woman be limited by anything or anybody? Why should a woman not be ambitious for literature? Ambitious for herself?
Mrs. Lachowsky was having none of it. She knew full well that writers were sex-crazed bohemians who broke the rules and didn’t go out to work. And Devon was thinking, as her mother's voice went in and out like the sea: why aren’t you proud of me?

I don't want to have this argument with you, Devon.

She hated being a middle child in a strict family. They expected her to hold herself to the same standard they had set for the oldest and youngest kids and yet they didn't love her the same way as they loved her two siblings.

No, they loved Devon. They simply did not like her sometimes. Then from such a young age, Devon knew that she had to rely on self-invention because she had to be; there was an absence, a void, a question mark at the very beginning of her life. A crucial part of her story was gone, and violently, like a bomb in the womb. She was the half think-through kid.

That was a way to look at why she was involved in student newspaper. Most of the time she had this fucking charade of a hyperkinetic ambitious writer who networked with everybody. It was quite delightful, she was witty and easy to like, unless you were the target of her prying.

Other thing about Devon was probably she didn't bring her home problem outside. She wasn't a oh-so-gloomy kid with stressful home life. Writing was cathartic enough for her to have anything but self pitiful personality. Basically: she wasn't cranky.

The girl who approached her was, without a doubt, cute. Okay, yes, that was her first impression of her but Devon couldn't recall that she knew this girl. She heard unfamiliar voice before she saw unfamiliar face and she liked the face. She also didn't dislike her chain of thoughts that seemed to slip away from her lips without much post-thought process first. She had pretty lips.

It was easy to dismiss such a shy person because Devon could've save themselves time by implying that they were polar opposite of each other and Devon would've made her overwhelmed. Yet, Devon was intrigued by this girl. Something about her just clicked with Devon, the juxtaposition of a girl who, in Devon's exaggerated assumption, never ever had talked to anyone outside her family but also subtle in her forwardness. Was it a way for this girl to try out the old saying about how in college you should've tried everything you never thought you'd do?

"Okay, that surprisingly worked." Devon's response was short. Firm. She knew exactly what she said. The vague implications of what was working, too: something between the spectrum of 'yes, if you're looking for a friend, I can humour you for a sec' and 'yes, I'm aware you're flirting'.

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The reply from the girl across from her was short and to the point, Jo had been the exact opposite, she chewed the corner of her cheek, furrowing her brows. What next? Should she go on? Maybe her rambling had amused the other girl? Or she thought she was loony, or weird, or awkward, or all of those things? Jo's internal monologue was going to be the death of her. With a sigh she walked over to her and sat on the floor, she slipped her Tom's shoes off and began rubbing her feet. Maybe it wasn't the most normal of ways to get to know someone but Jo was uncomfortable in the shoes her mom had insisted she wore, she was glad she'd sneaked some other shoes into her own car before leaving, but they were back in her car, which was quite a walk away.

"I'm Josephine, but most people just call me Jo," She didn't look up, she continued massaging her feet, her toes were painted an ocean color, her hands stilled as she began speaking again. "I was exploring," She explained, though there was no need for explanation, the girl certainly hadn't asked for one. "I've never really been out of my home state, I drove up here by myself from down south. My parents should be here in a couple of hours...." Jo tapered off and then chose to look up, her hair falling back from her face. Jo gazed up at the girl in the seat next to her, she looked so put together and Jo just felt... not. She was wearing cutoff shorts and a tank top she'd hand-dyed with her cousins. She wasn't sure of the dress code for college students, but it probably wasn't her. Jo liked comfortable, maybe that would make her stand out? "You're pretty," She blurted out before she could stop herself, it was first thing that came to mind as she studied the other girl. She could feel the heat in her cheeks as she continued to stare, "I mean...... well you are. I can't exactly take that back so..."

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Part of why Devon liked to work at the library was because sometimes, when she came at the right timing where she could tiptoed into the reading room, she had the world for herself. She would stood there for a moment without moving and let the creativity flew right through her in this space: an almost empty reading room on a beautiful day that was such a wonder of the world. She didn't like to linger in it for too long, though, Devon hated and liked solitary at the same time, but she'd talk to anyone at any given time when her laptop wasn't open and the word processor wasn't running.

"Oh! Like Jo March. Nice." Devon's eyes lighten up at her own observation, excited that somehow she managed to circle someone's name back to a book reference. She extended her hand at Jo, waiting for the girl to take her hand before Devon shook it. "Anyway, pleased to meet you, Jo, I'm Theodore, but you can call me Laurie." A pause, then came a grin. "Get it? Little Women." Devon was so proud of her own little joke. But, wasn't it a little bit of a parallel to how Jo and Laurie met in Little Women? Laurie was hiding from everyone and Jo came into his life and light up everything that'd been missing from his life? Well, personality wise, Devon was sure she was a Jo. They both were writers. "I'm Devon. Would've been swell if my name was really Theodore, though, I could've gone with Dora." She finally revealed her name to Jo. It was nice that she didn't have to tell her full name, nor that Jo was interested to slam that surname game into every conversation she was in. Devon had been around too many legacies, pointing out family name was more important to set up social status.

"You were exploring." Devon repeated, a flash of smirk appeared on her face as she stood up and stretched up after hours of sitting down. Exploring, yes, the thing you did when you first arrived at your campus. Devon's father promised her to show her around last year but he never quite able to keep that promise. It was almost a relief, and yet Devon kept wondering what it must feel like to walk with her father and watch him stop at places that couldn't mean a thing to her. She would've had listened to tidbits about his life as a college and graduate student long before her parents met and find herself unable or unwilling to relate to any of it, and probably feeling a touch guilty because she couldn't even work up the show of interest her father seemed to want to stir. His father was nicer. A lawyer who wanted Devon to follow his footsteps. Everything he saw was steeped in a stagnant vat of nostalgia, and for all its rosy cheeks, the past always gave off that off-putting, musty scent of old pipes and mildewed rooms that haven't been aired in years.

"Do you like what you've seen so far, then?" Devon asked, again with double meaning response. She stood in front of Jo with such presence that demanded the other girl to look at her. "From the exploration?" Were you also exploring this?

Then Jo complimented her, it didn't seem like she was deliberately trying to do that, Jo kind of simply blurted out a fact. It was cute. "I know." Devon winked. She knew that she was definitely easy in the eyes, and she was confident and self-assure enough to take all the compliments because, yeah, she kind of worked on how she presented herself and taking verbal validations sometimes wouldn't hurt. "Thank you. It's from Yale Prickque, 2020 Fall Season Collection." Devon made a dramatic gesture by moving her palm up from her head to her waist, like she was showing off her clothes, then she joked about how she dressed exactly like Ivy League pricks from movies. "This is the part where I return the compliment, by the way." That was her cheeky way of saying: you're pretty, too

Devon then moved to sit on the table instead, staring at Jo with mixed emotions but her smile said that she had nothing but good thoughts about Jo. "So, do you prefer the obligatory 'what brings you to Yale?', the boring 'nice weather today, isn't it?', or," She leaned forward, such a woman with balls Devon was. "Would you rather answer to more interesting question?" Before Jo could ask what that question would be, Devon already answered that with: "What are you, Jo?"

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The library seemed like an unlikely place to find someone but Jo was glad she had, the girl beside her seemed like she was interesting and Jo felt drawn to her in a way she couldn't explain. She spoke to Jo and Jo listened attentively, she related her name to Jo from Little Women, funny not many people did that. She bobbed her head in agreement, it had been her moms favorite book, they'd read it together every Christmas. The other girl introduced herself as Laurie and Jo looked up at her in confusion for a moment, then smiled as she understood. Oh, her name was Devon, so she had a name to relate to the face in front of her. Jo quite liked the name that the girl had, it fit her, though Laurie would have been nice too. Wouldn't that be something? To make friends on the first day with someone named Laurie? Her mom would have said it was fate.

Devon asked if she liked what she'd seen so far, Jo thought about it, then nodded, she had liked everything she'd so far, especially right then. Jo glanced over her shoulder, she felt like someone was watching them, but that wasn't possible, right? No one would do that, that would be weird and creepy. Jo readjusted her focus on Devon, she was talking about how she knew she was pretty, Jo raised both brows. Intriguing, Jo laughed softly when Devon made a show of her outfit and then responded with what sounded like a compliment to Jo. "Oh," She responded, not sure how to reply to that. Did people do that? Compliment each other so easily? Or was this a unique situation? Jo wasn't sure, she hadn't had enough life experience to know. Then Devon was really looking at her, asking her questions, it took a moment to compute since Jo was so enamoured by Devon herself. Then was mere inches from her face, if Jo leaned forward their noses would touch. She asked what she was, and Jo for the life of her couldn't respond at first.

What was she? A girl? Just a girl looking for something more? No, that wasn't a good enough answer. A girl looking to find herself? Make her place in the world? A place to prove herself? A daughter striving to make her parents proud? Maybe she was just a girl that was lost in the world looking for her Neverland and Peter Pan. Actually she'd rather find her Tinkerbell, Jo kept eye contact all while having these thoughts race through her head. She would not disappoint Devon with her answer. Or would she? Jo didn't want to disappoint her, she wanted to draw her in, she wanted Devon to stay, to talk to her, to tell her everything about herself. But what could she say to make that happen?

"I-" She grasped at words, she certainly couldn't voice her thoughts aloud, could she? Jo tried again, "I'm starving." This was not what she'd meant to say but since she said it she felt that it was right, "I'm starving for air, for relationships, heartache, I'm starving for a brush and canvas where I can make the world come alive in a perspective only I have. I'm starving for life, for adventure, for love," Jo stopped, breathless as if she'd just run a marathon. Her breathing came in quick spurts for a moment, she'd just divulged a part of her soul and she wasn't sure if she should be scared or proud.

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The answer amused Devon, feeling like he got Jo's drift well enough even if from this point, their meanings and metaphors could've grown ever more tangled. Without missing a beat, Devon said: "You're quite good with words, aren't you?" The words delivered in a flash as the most obvious fact in the world. Devon wanted to tell her that she liked Jo's voice, how it said quite tentative thing shyly and Devon began to hope something might grow from it, leading elsewhere. Her question needed no answer, but even if it did, it cut to the chase and brought out what they'd been hinting at all along.

That not-question might not have been Devon's drift, but one who'd picked up the suggestion of an undisclosed aren't you? would rattle at the tail end of her sentence like a warning and a lure.

"Cheeky little one, aren't you, Jo? I'm sure you have many other things on your sleeves that you haven't show off yet." The statement, sprung like an overly casual verbal equivalent of a handshake, almost like an afterthought had Devon broke her gaze from the other girl. Instead, it was spoken with the practiced smile, weary and amused. Devon was always like that: the one person who went over to perfect strangers and greeted them with a handshake. No arrogance in her words, only muted dejection over an implied list of setbacks disguised as witty jokes.

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Jo blinked a couple of times at Devons words, was she cheeky? She wasn't sure. She'd never been told that she was, this was something new to her. Jo looked down at her feet trying to pull herself together after exposing herself like that. It was a bit much, telling Devon so much about herself in one breath. Who does that? Jo chided herself for being so open, what if she'd destroyed the hope of being friends with Devon? Admittedly the other girl seemed to like her response though. Jo wondered if she would talk about her to other people, that would be embarrassing, or would it? She was just being honest and open. Her mom always said she was wide open, wasn't that a good thing? Jo kind of wished she had been exposed to more social gatherings and how to act around strangers.

"What about you? Who are you?" Jo asked in a quiet voice, almost like she was afraid that Devon would shoot her down, not let her in as Jo had done for Devon. Jo carefully kept her gaze on her feet, Jo's thoughts were all over the place and she'd long forgotten that her parents would be arriving in mere hours, time was lost on the girl that was socializing without even planning to. Jo wiggled her painted toes as she awaited Devons answer.

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"Me?" She blinked, arching an eyebrow like Jo had said something complex and difficult, but her tone meant that Devon already knew the question would circle back at her, that it was no ordinary business and they would be fooling themselves to think fate didn't have a hand in this. "I am the face you put on your life and how you live it." She dropped an illusion of intimacy, like a hint of what they could be if both of them hold on to it. Of a friendship too, in an instant. "I am your eyes to the world looking back at you."

Was this a more pointed sign? Devon herself was on the point of changing tack, coming back to this place suggesting that perhaps she never tossed away or let go of anything, much less unlove those she never loved at all, or started to show the first sign of affection. She kept people for when she would need them, to tide her over, not because she wanted them. Like birds of prey who kept their quarry alive but paralyzed to feed their young on.

What happened to those who had only the best taken from them and then rest junked? What happened to someone after Devon Lachowsky was done with them? More importantly, was she drawing Jo in to her old flea-ridden trench dressed up as high-end boutique, or she was using the old trick for something genuinely good this time? Trying. Was she really trying? To not love in the trenches anymore? Life with someone equal or life without love at all? Tired of life trying to invent someone and finding the wrong one each time? Life with too many? Life with very few and none that mattered? An old poetic tact, the calculated and smooth wording for a new purpose.

"I am Devon." She told Jo her name again, as if they had something briefly interrupted and urgently resumed, like they'd met before or had crossed each other's path but kept missing each other and were being reintroduced at all costs now, so that in saying her name again, Devon was doing something they should have done much sooner.

I am Devon. Not always good for people. "Take my name and whisper it to yourself, and in a week's time come back to it and see if crystals haven't sprouted around it."

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By the time Devon spoke Jo was so focused on her internal worries that she jumped at her voice, a blush crept up her neck and she refused to look up at first. Devon's answer just posed more questions, it didn't answer anything. Was that her intent? To confuse Jo? Or was she vague, wonderful, and something else altogether by coincidence? Jo wasn't sure of how to respond to her right then, so she stayed quiet, stealing a glance at Devon, she took in the other girls features. This was a girl that did things, at least it seemed that way. Which meant that she definitely wanted her in her life, because college was all about doing things and experiences, her mom would have killed her if she didn't make friends right then.

"Well Devon," She drew out the name, "I hope that we will learn more about each other in the days to come. You might not know me well, yet, but I hope that we can get to know each other better in the future?" She left it as a question, one that Devon would hopefully answer.

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"Oh, you will know about me," Devon winked, so self assure in herself and in the idea that they would know each other better. Jo was like everyone and no one Devon had ever met. She was shy, and honest, which wasn't new; yet her eyes were looking all over the place for the right person to mold her into something that could only be carved by visceral touch. Not breaking free, but a best version of herself that she could possibly become.

Devon continued to look at her, really look at her, before she extended her arm and touched the strand of Jo's beautiful dark hair with her long oh-so-delicate looking fingers that moved swifter than other people's. "I'm everything I think you want to see me as." She said again, carefully tucking Jo's hair behind her ear, like she wanted to study her features, to imprint them inside Devon's mind so when she closed her eyes, she would be able to recreate Jo inside her mind. But you're not like me, Devon didn't say. Jo was too refined, too pure. Whereas Devon was very much built her persona based on whoever wanted to see her.

So nice and unadulterated, someone would break her heart if she wasn't careful.

Changing the subject, an idea crossed Devon's mind. "Have you thought of any plan for your first evening here?"

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(am I the only one fangirling rn? Cuz I am. Also I'm sorry for ghosting, I am back I swear)

She spoke, and Jo listened, she would know about her, good, that made her feel better. Jo looked over at Devon and found her, was she, no it couldn't be, was she checking her out? Jo felt all tingly at the thought, but she was probably misconstruing what Devon was doing. Perhaps she just wanted to get a better look at the person she was speaking with. Oh gosh, was she, was she touching her hair? Jo wanted to lean into it, but that would be weird, right? Jo sucked in air instead, wanting for this to be something, though not wanting to assume anything either. Maybe girls touched other girls hair, it was a social thing that everyone did in college and she'd been uneducated about it? Jo hoped not, she wanted this to be something special that devon did just to her, in this moment. Not something she did to everyone that she met. Jo's eyes watched as Devon's eyes fluttered closed, Jo thought about reaching out and touching Devon's hair in return, but maybe that would be frowned upon, so she kneaded her hands together and kept them in front of her. Devon spoke, Jo listened, she asked of her plans for the evening.

"Oh," Jo looked as if she might be confused, because in reality she had no plans. Would it look sad to not have plans? No of course not, that was silly. She was new here, of course she wouldn't have plans, right? Of course her roommate might have other ideas. Jo shook away those thoughts, if this was Devon about to be making plans with her, well she wanted that. "I have none as of this moment... What about you? Do you have plans for this evening? Also I don't know what I would do with myself anyway, I know nothing about the campus yet and would probably end up lost or kidnapped." She laughed softly towards the end, because she was only joking of course.

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(( i will 14/10 protecc jo with all my heart uuuu they're wildin adorabs ))

Devon had assumed the answer would be: no, Devon, I do not have plan yet, but she still couldn't contain her laugh because Jo's response was too... well, naive would've been a proper way to describe it, yeah. Of course by looking at Devon Lachowsky, it was obvious that the girl always up for something. Constantly moving and pacing and going around. She couldn't even talk to someone without changing her position every less than five minutes.

"This is me inviting you to come to my plan, Jo." Devon finally said, as if it wasn't obvious enough that she was signalling towards that direction. Date. Or intimate get-together. Definitely not simply a very kind act of upperclassman to show the new girl the life of the campus, because Devon hadn't been very subtle and want Jo to pick up the clues that she fancied her.

"As long as you stick with me, you're not going to be kidnapped." She added with reassuring nod. "I know people." A vague statement: I know people - could've meant that Devon knew people and would be able to track down Jo's hypothetical future kidnapper, or Devon knew people and they wouldn't dare to mess with her night and whoever they saw Devon was associated with. I know people, could also be a statement, that Jo had fallen to the right person who could protect her.

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She was being invited by Devon to her plan, Jo's cheeks pinkened. She felt exhilarated to being invited to whatever Devon had planned. Jo let out a soft laugh when Devon commented that she wouldn't be kidnapped as long as she stuck with Devon, for some reason she felt safe already with Devon and believed everything she said. She knew people? What an odd thing to say, but Jo wasn't going to question her statement, maybe it meant that she had a certain status on campus and it kept her protected in some way? Jo didn't know, but she hoped that this was a good thing, knowing people. She certainly hoped to one day know people as well. She hoped that this meant that Devon had an interest in her, it seemed like it. Jo gave Devon a wide smile before feeling a vibration in her pocket. She took her phone out of her pocket and glanced at the lock screen, she had a text from her mom. She quickly unlocked her phone and went to her messages, her mom was letting her know that they would arrive in about ten minutes. Jo jumped to her feet,

"I have to go, my parents are going to be here soon. But um, I uh, I'll be in my dorm. Should we exchange numbers? So that we can meet up later?" Whoa was that too personal? Giving out ones number upon only just meeting them? Jo didn't care, she trusted Devon, and she didn't have any ill feelings about giving her her phone number. Jo went to her contacts and held her phone out to Devon so that she could put her contact information in. She was nervous about meeting up later, but not because she didn't trust Devon, but because she liked her. There were things happening in the pit of her stomach that she couldn't explain.

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