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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Childrens/YA A girl and a boy are transported to another world using a red magical stone

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message 1: by Lorenzo (new)

Lorenzo Paião | 1 comments So, I read this really weird book around 15 years ago.
The story begins at Christmas Eve and a man who owns a shop is giving gifts to a girl and a boy (probably cousins?). To the girl he gives a small red stone, similar to a crystal. The boy receives a toy dog, but he throws a tantrum, because he wanted a real dog. The man goes away, during the night, trying to find the dog. The boy and the girl fight and the red stone comes in contact with the moonlight and transport them to another world. They find a talking dog / monkey / some kind of animal wearing a tuxedo / coat, and a dragonfly with a glowing tail (the color changes with the dragonfly's mood). At first the kids can't comprehend the other world language, because it's reversed / upside down, but there's a river full of words nearby and they drink it / drop some water in their ears?

The boy has some kind of problem with one of his legs, and gets temporarily cured during the story.

I can't remember the rest of the plot, but I remember the villain of the book being a blue sphere with a face and no limbs (because he rolled around so much he lost them)

The book had some illustrations too, don't know if this helps?

I'm trying to find this book for years!! Thanks in advance!

message 2: by Aarna (new)

Aarna Jeve | 15 comments Sounds intresting!

message 3: by Aarna (new)

Aarna Jeve | 15 comments The boy is just like my younger brother when he throws temper tantrums to get what he wants!!!

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